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How to Relieve Sciatica Treating Sciatica

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Schwannoma Tumor Roderick Balls Story

MUSIC One of the reasons why we'rehere at John Hopkins today is because we were notable at home, Atlanta, Georgia to get the type oftreatment than we received here. We were told that noneurosurgeon should ever touch his tumor. That any neurosurgeon who wouldconsider touching his tumor, we should turn anddo an about face and run.

gt;gt; Roderick Ball's a reallylovely 11 year old gentleman who we met through emailcorrespondence to begin with. His parents were gettingrather desperate about what they were gonnado with Roderick. Because he was having somuch pain and he was losingfunction in his legs. About from the midthoraciclevel down to through his low back and

into his sacrum, the spinalcanal was filled with tumor. And then the tumor was comingthrough the holes in the spine where normally the nervescome to feed the abdomen and feed the legs. Those holes on the rightside are completely filled with tumor, and then the tumor extends intothe right side of his abdomen. gt;gt; Medical treatmentshave been tried.

Chemotherapy had been tried. Previous surgery had been tried. And yet he was still worsening. And they could point tospecific areas where he was losing function. gt;gt; When you look at his MRI, it was just devastating to lookat the extent of tumor he had, both within the spine andthen all through his abdomen.

MUSIC To Rod, we felt that there wasa reasonable balance where we could get rid of, let's say,70 to 80% of the tumor. And yet still maintainnormal function for him. One of the problems we facedwith him is where his leg is bent, cuz he used to keep itthat way, cuz of the pain. But in keeping it that way,he became deformed and fixed in that position.

So we've had to stretch his legs back out intothe normal position. And that's been a real challenge Sponseller from orthopedic pediatricservice has been able to do an operation to shorten thebone, lengthen the tendons and allow the nerve to stretcha little bit as well. So that he can get his legsin a straighter position and we'll probably use a series ofcasts as we gently straighten

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