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Hello, I'm James Schofield. Sciatic nerve pain sometimes called Sciatica can be one of the most painful conditions a person can experience. Typically it is pain that descends from the lower back or buttock into the thigh, and possibly into the lower leg and foot. Today I'd like to give you ideas on how to avoid sciatic nerve pain, or if you're having sciatica, how you can obtain relief. But, if you need us right away please call us at the telephone number listed below.

There are many causes of sciatic nerve pain including bulging, protruded or herniated discs, pinched nerves and misalignment of the spine and pelvis or sacroiliac joint. And sciatica should not be confused with a hamstring muscle strain or a problem of the hip or knee joints. It's important to properly diagnose exactly what is causing the pain. If you are prone to sciatica here are some steps you can take to minimize it. First, avoid prolonged sitting or driving. Sitting causes increase of pressure on our lower back discs.

If they are already irritated it can worsen sciatic nerve pain. It's best to get up from a seated position every 2030 minutes and move about. Also avoid sitting in a soft overstuffed chair like a sofa. Second, be careful in the morning. Our lower back is most vulnerable in the first hour after awaking. Strenuous physical activity that first hour after arising from bed should be avoided. Third, men should not sit with a wallet in the back pocket as it can cause strain on the posture of the lower back and pelvis and can cause or worsen sciatic nerve pain. For the same reason women should avoid wearing high heels if they are prone to sciatic nerve pain.

If you are having sciatic nerve pain you can use ice or cold applications to your lower back. To learn how to properly do this you can visit my website listed below and click on the ice vs. heat tab to watch a 2 minute instructional tutorial. Again, if you need us immediately please call the telephone number listed below. We're conveniently located in the North Hills of Pittsburgh. Thank you for visiting. It's an honor to be of service.

Piriformis Syndrome Cause of Radiating Low Back Pain

Piriformis syndrome is another one that causes that can produce pain radiating down that leg. It will come from the back, glut, hip,down the leg to the foot area. It acts a little bit different than traditional disc bulge.It also acts different than sacroiliac sprain. What happens is the sciatic nerve is comingdown from the low back, it cuts underneath that piriformis muscle to go down the leg.When this muscle gets injured for a variety of reasons it starts to spasm and tightenup pinching down on that sciatic nerve. They'll produce that pain down the leg and into thefoot. Our job is to loosen this muscle up. Whenwe decrease the spasms, it will stop spasming

and grabbing on to that sciatic nerve, helpingto get rid of that problem. Many people require quite a bit of stretching to loosen up allthat hip and low back muscles. We're also going to work with massage therapy to loosenup the gluts and low back so that pelvis can move again. Oftentimes the piriformis starts to act upwhen we have hip weakness on the lateral stabilizers, in the low back or have hamstring spasms andcompensation. So we're going to look to see if any of those issues are involved here. Overall, people respond very quickly to chiropracticphysical therapy and massage therapy treatments

when they're combined to address piriformissyndrome.

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