Sciatica Treatment Miami

Shin Wellness Spinal Decompression Treatment with DRX9000

Millions of people suffer from lower back pain, of one kind or another. If youre one of these people, you know it affects your abilityto live a healthy, painfree lifestyle. If you thought surgery was the only option, we can help. The DRX 9000 Spinal Decompression System is a breakthrough that is helping our patients overcome pain and return to the healthy lives they deserve. This patented, nonsurgical technology delivers decompression to the lumbar spine, by gently releasing pressure on the two vertebrae surroundingthe injured disc.

The patient stays relaxed while the machines sensors and servo motors do the work. The result is negative pressure,or suction, that draws the herniated material back into thedisc. It also pulls in fluid from surrounding tissue to help restore the height and health ofthe injured disc. With this new healthy disc, patients get relief from the pain associated with disc injuries, including sciatica. A car wreck left me with a herniated disc. The only option I had to gettingsurgery and pain killers was getting spinal decompression therapy. Im really fortunate that I found it.

Since Ive done the treatment Im able to do all the things I did before, jogging, swimming, skydiving. All the things that I love. So Im very lucky that I found it. If the DRX 9000 sounds like the solution to your back pain, please contact us at Shin Wellness for more information orto set up your consultation. Shin offers a full range of wellness therapies to treat painor maintain health and vitality. MUSIC.

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