Sciatica Stress Test

Adrenal Stress treated with Chiropractic and Applied Kinesiology

We're here again with Stefania. You may recall in our first session, we addressed her problemsassociated with a past physical trauma. Since then we've had one other session. So from the first session how do you feel now Stefaniaé Quite well, especially my leg which feels stronger. Stefania sent me a message saying that she went to a wedding yesterday. Why don't you tell us how it went.

For a few years nowI haven't been able to stand for very long, especially in high heeled shoes. Finally yesterday, after an entire day of standing with high heels I didn't have any problems with my right leg. No pain, but while standing, I did feel something, however it was nothing like before.

Reassessment of leg muscles which were treated in precedence. Push toward the wall. Good. Good. Good. Tibialis Posterior, resist. It tests weak. Resist toward the wall.

Resist. It tests weak. These 3 muscles tested strongby the end of the first treatment. This suggests that, apart from the residual effects of past trauma, an underlying problem exists and it's allowing the muscle weakness to recur. The 3 muscles now testing weak, Posterior, Gracilis, and Sartorius, are all related to the adrenal glands.

That is, every muscle has an associated organ or gland and when there is dysfunction of the organ or gland, the associated muscle will test weak. I can verify this by having Stefania touch two points on her abdomen, associated with the adrenal glands, and then retest the muscles. Resist my pressure. Now they test strong Gracilis.

Pull. Tests strong. Sartorius. Resist my pressure. Tests strong. This suggests a correlation between the muscle weakness and the adrenal glands. In the initial interview, Stefania told us of her symptoms: sweaty hands and feet,

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