Sciatica Pregnancy 36 Weeks

Prenatal Yoga Sample Class Week 38 of Pregnancy

From cat pose try to lower down. Spread out your right arm straight, and rest your head on your left arm. Try one side or the other.There is usually one side where we feel more comfortable. This will stretch you pelvicfloor muscles, and really give your lower back some time to relax as the weight of your baby drops down. Stay here for as long as you wish, and you can even practice your kegel exercises. Another variation for that stretch is just to place your both hands in frontof you with your head in the middle.

You can use cushions, pillows, or even a block to rest your forehead. Inhale, contract all the muscles of your vagina. Exhale Relax your muscles. Do a few rounds, and gently move down into a nice and easy child pose with both arms spread out and enough room in between your knees to gently relax your baby into.

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