Sciatica Physical Therapy Vs Chiropractic

Sciatica Differences Between Lumbar Disc and Piriformis Syndrome Diagnoses Error

Piriformis syndrome is another one of thoseconditions that can cause pain shooting down the leg that people refer to as sciatica.Sciatica is just a general term for radiating pain. It doesn't tell us where the injuriesoccurred at. Two common ones that get mixed up are lumbardisc sprain or disc injury that's having that jelly jerked back by the nerve root or thepiriformis muscle where it grabs onto that sciatic nerve. The testing is really prettyeasy to figure out which one you have. A lumbar disc is going to hurt right awaywhen I lift that leg. You're going to feel that sharp shooting or burning pain. It willbe worse when I pull that toe back. You won't

let me get the leg all the way up to herewith a disc injury. They'll just hurt too much. The second thing that's a big difference betweenthe two is if I take the leg and I turn it a disc problem isn't going to have thatshooting pain. You're not going to have any numbness, tingling or burning in that foot.But if I put a little bit of stretch and you start to feel those symptoms, that's goingto tell us more the piriformis muscle grabbing onto that sciatic nerve. I can relieve thatpain by letting the foot go a little bit, take the tension off the muscle and then turnit again and the pain will reappear.

This is one of those signs that tell us thisis a piriformis injury that's grabbing onto that sciatic nerve and will probably don'tneed to go get and MRI to check that out because more likely than not it's not a disc injury,it's piriformis.

Physical Therapy NYC Testimonial Relief From Lower Back Pain and Sciatica

Hi, my name is Matthew F. I came back herein August, late August in 2013. I was complaining from lower back pain, sciatica and discomfortsitting for long period of time, staying for long period of time. And in September, I wasdiagnosed with two bulging disks, two pinched nerves on my left leg and one on my right.And I started physical therapy from that point forward. And now, I'm in November 2013, Iam able to sit for a long period of time without extreme pain and discomfort as well as standingdue to all the physical therapy I've been doing with the staff here at Back and BodyMedical.

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