Sciatica Pain Keeps Changing

Change Your Posture to Avoid Back Pain World Spine Health Day Part 3

Perhaps the most important thing is afteran hour the disc, the intervertebral disc, which is that soft spongy component, startsto become lax, it starts to sink. Over time that continued decompression and compressionand decompression has a toll. I advise my patients that after 45 minutes to an hour,especially the ones that come here and see us, get up and just walk around. Change yourposture for 2 to 3 minutes, and that will do several things. It'll allow the disc tobe nourished, because it doesn't have blood vessels in the disc, it'll allow the jointsto move, and then be nourished from their environment. So it's really an important thingto decrease congestion in muscle and allow

for more effective, if you will, feeding ofthat motion segment.

The Knee Pain Guru on How To Treatment For IT Band Knee Pain

Today I'm going to show you an easy way how to get rid of your knee pain a lot of the stuff that I've seen on the internet is showing you how toget rid of a lot of times the IT band on the outside of the leg is tight, and that causes, actually causes the leg to externally rotate. So what happens is, what I've seen on the internet is, you'll have people trying to roll out with a foam roller on the outside and it's really painful it takes a long time, it hurts like hell

and to be quite frank there's an easier and much more effective way of doing it and I'm going to show that to you right now. So what you're going to need is a clock and about a minute and what you are going to do you're going to be seated

or be on the floor if it works for you you're going to grab your leg the bones in your lower leg, get a good firm gripon the bones in your lower leg and then you're going to rotate the bottom part of that leg out. What you're going to do is wait for about a minute in this position try to get as relaxed as you can possibly can

and wait to see what happens Now for the sake of this tutorial I'm going to let this go however what's really important with this is that you want a before and an after so before you start the exercise go ahead and kind of check and see howtight the IT Band is and then

and how your knee feels if you have any pain discomfort in it, whatever go ahead and rotate that out hold it in that position for about a minute and then go ahead and let that loose and then recheck your IT Band to see how it feels

and then see how your knee feels. What's really important is the before and after because the idea is you're only creating comfort Now a little caveat to this is if you cause any pain by rotating that out don't do it! It's real important with that. Now, give me some feedback on this, send me an email let me know that this works for you how it turned out for you

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