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The origin of the Sciatic nerve is at thelower spine, when There is an alteration of the lower spineintervertebral disc Or if there is a misalignment of the lowerspinal vertebra it Can cause inflammation and swelling aroundthe pain sensitive Structures affecting the sciatic nerve. Thiscan cause pain All the way down the back of the leg intothe foot. Sciatic pain Can sometimes be quite extreme and debilitating. When you suffer from Sciatica, some will noticeButtock pain and

Leg pain in the back of the leg that sometimesruns past the knee. It may be sharp, shooting, achy, dull or burning,and can be Constant or on and off intermittent. Sometimescertain positions or Movements seem to bring the pain on and makeit worse. Sciatica may Interfere with a good nights sleep, and mayinterfere with other Activities of life during the day. The good news is that chiropractic care hasbeen helping people who Suffer with sciatica for over 100 years andI've personally helped

People with Sciatica for over 27 years. Gentle,Safe and effective Chiropractic spinal adjustments along withindividualized rehabilitative Corrective exercises and stretches and therapyis the most successful Approach known in modern medicine today. Call me today and learn how Chiropractic treatmentfrom Life Mission Chiropractic Can help you eliminate the pain and discomfortof Sciatica.

Tim M Low back Sciatica Leg Pain helped by Lupo Chiropractic I Can Golf Again

well I had pain going down my legs umm It's just, it's like a pinched nerve all thetime. I couldn't sleep at night can hardly walk, you couldn't swinganything Getting in and out of the car was just terrible so I came over here and brought all myMRI's all my Xrays, my MRI's and everything Lupo was fabulous, he said Iwas a candidate for for the program, for the decompressionprogram. So I went through it

it was about a threemonth program Iwent through and he said you gotta be patient, he said I think the next monthand next week, the next month you're gonna start feelingsome relief and just like that the next week I started feeling relief, I wasn'tstiff anymore I had, my back started feeling great and so I went through the the additional monthand then third month I went like twice a week for

for another four weeks. I can play golfnow, I couldn't play golf before. They did a fantastic job. And what Iliked about it is that he took the time to review all of my MRI information and my Xrays before he'd do anything andthat's what I was most impressed with. Lupo Chiropractic Life Center, Roseville, MI 48066 5867725876 detroitmichiropractor .

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