Sciatica Kidney Disease

Sciatica Ka Gharelu ilaj Home Remedy for Sciatica Pain

Hello and Welcome Friends!!! You most welcome on Lakhaipurtv ( INTRO MUSIC ) Today I will tell you about very easy home treatment to cure sciatica pain Yess friends, leaves of night jasmine is very effective for sciatica or sciatic nerve pain it cures acute sciata in short time This plant known as many names such as Harishringaar, Harsingaar, Paarijaat, Shefalika, etc. It called night jasmine or coral jasmine in English

Coral jasmine is not big tree, it like bush its leaves are green color rough white color flowers blooms in bunch you can understand it easily from its photos It's leaves used to cure sciatica If you find it's tree near you then take it's 56 green leaves crush and boil like tea and drink after being cold drink it twice daily morning and evening

this is very effectiv in sciatica pain acute sciatica cures soon and for chronic sciatica use it for long time if you are unable to find fresh leaves then it's dried leaves you can find from herb seller you can use dry leaves also by boiling it or make dry leaves powder and take 1 spoon twice daily Use of bark powder of it's tree stem is very useful joint pain and arthritis Leaves, bark, flower all are useful of this plant Use of night jasmine is useful in sciatica and gout, arthritis, cold, cough, fever, worms, swelling and diabetes etc.

So friend, if any one is suffering from sciatica then heshe should must use it and take advantage of natural herb Must SUBSCRIBE our channel to know another info like this and to get update of new info and to know herbal formulas to cure disease If you found today's info useful then LIKE SHARE this then other people can get its benefits too If you have any question about today's info then feel free to ask through comment your view, advice and queries are welcome To read all info click on the link in description below

That's all for today Wishing you healthy life THANK YOU.

Why Do I Have Pain in My Kidney Area

Why do I have pain in my kidney areaé Part of it depends on what might be causingthe pain. My kidney. You could feel pain if there is a kidney infection.That's more likely if you have a fever and blood or pus in your urine. I'm not usually checking the quality ofmy urine. Pain in the kidney area isn't necessarilyyour kidneys. It might come from back muscle strain, a spine fracture, arthritis of theback or even shingles.

What are shinglesé Aside from those you puton a roof, of course. If you had chicken pox as a kid, the virusstill lingers in your nervous system. If it flares up, you'll have severe pain beforeany lesions show up. I thought the first outbreak was bad enough. You can get a shingles vaccine to try to preventthat. What else could cause thisé If you have kidney stones, you could get kidneypain. Then again, so could polycystic kidney disease.

Sometimes this is as bad as appendicitis. If you think you have appendicitis or anotherserious condition like that, get to an ER. Appendicitis and other internal infectionsare life threatening. It could just be a urinary tract infection. If the pain is in the kidneys, it is now akidney infection. And that's serious. What if it is not seriousé Then all you have is a compressed nerve inyour back or misaligned spine. I don't want to bend myself all out of shape,but that sounds like I am bent all out of

shape. Sciatic nerve pain occurs in the lower spine,but it can run down the leg, buttocks and even the calf. Some people mistake it fora kidney problem if it doesn't radiate along the legs. Then it's just a pain in the butt. But it takes a to determine the truesource and the solution.

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