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Hey everyone! It is Matt Barber. NASM Certifiedcorrective exercise specialist. Today I am going to be talking about stretches for thelower extremities. Simply, these four stretches are going to show you how you can alleviatelower back pain if you do them on a regular basis. I know many of you out there have lowerback pain. Ok, so the first of the four stretches is a complex of muscles called the hip flexormuscles. They lie here in the front of the thigh up near the hip. One of the main hipflexor muscles, called the psoas, originates directly in the lumbar spine. So if that muscleis tight, and it is tight on most people, then that muscle puts a lot of stress on thelower back region. So, the way we stretch

the hip flexor is, and by the way before Ishow you that, all the stretches I am showing you are standing stretches. For those of youwho struggle getting up and down off the floor the beauty of these four stretches is youcan do them all in a standing position. I am going to show you in another tutorial thatis going to show you how to stretch those same four muscles but in a more of a lyingposition. So, this is good for those of you who again, struggle with getting up and downoff the floor. So the way we stretch the hip flexor is when we load the front leg likethis, I am basically in a lunge position. So I am putting my weight on the forward leg,my left heel stays down, my right heel comes

up off of the floor. It is very importantI am going to tilt my pelvis, called a posterior pelvic tilt. My pelvis is going from hereto here. So if I tilt the front of the pelvis, I am going to lengthen or stretch those hipflexor muscles right there. I am also squeezing my right glute which helps assist in the stretchas well. So if you notice I am next to a sturdy frame here. You can use a chair at home ifyou like whatever is sturdy to help you with your balance. Because sometimes balance canbe tricky on this stretch. This is very beneficial because again to stretch this muscle. I amholding it for thirty seconds on one side. Then thirty seconds on the other. Again, Iam loading the forward leg, I've got the

front of the pelvis out. I am squeezing theleft glute. My belly button is braced toward the spine. Again, I am holding on if I needto for balance. That is called the hip flexors. Thirty seconds to a minute on each side. Nextone is the hamstring complex. Hamstring muscles align right on the back of the thigh. Theway we are stretching that is we prop one foot up, I have one hand on top of the other,I have nice long posture, I am reaching forward so that I feel a stretch right through there.I do not need to round forward like this because it is putting me in a bad posture. I can stillget an effective stretch by staying right here. My shoulder blades are together, I havenice, tall posture and I am still getting

a good stretch back through here. You do notwant the bench to be too high because if it is too high you are more likely to lose yourbalance. Also if it is too high you might get some tension up here in your hips. Wekeep the bench fairly low for the purposes of this stretch. Thirty seconds on one side,then of course thirty seconds on the other side. And if you do struggle with balancea lot, you can hold on to something and stretch to your side like this so you can get a goodstretch. That is ok if you need to modify it. Thirty seconds to a minute on each side.Next one is a muscle called the piriformis is in your gluteal region. Any of you whohave had sciatic issues in the past, then

this muscle is likely tight. A lot of us havetight piriformis muscles. The way I am going to stretch this is in a seated position here.I'm going to place my right ankle across my left thigh like this, take my knee andpull it to the opposite shoulder like this. I am pulling this knee diagonally toward thisshoulder. Nice, tall posture and I am holding this for again, thirty seconds to a minute.I don't want my left foot to turn out of this this is a compensation. You want to keepyour left foot straight ahead as you can see. Again, nice tall posture. Thirty seconds here.And then I switch it again everything aligned, ankle, knee, hip in alignment. And then Igot thirty seconds on this side as well. I

Yoga For Stress Relief

What's up everyoneé Welcome to Yoga with Adriene.I'm Adriene, and it's time for a little you time. I have a yogapractice for stress release. This is a practice that will relieve tension inthe body, but also provide a nice little energetic cleanse. So put on somecomfy clothes and hop on your mat for a little yoga for stress relief. All right my friends. So today we're goingto begin in an easy crosslegged position. You can cross the ankles here, youcan sit up on a blanket or a block, especially if you feel like you'recreating this shape in your body

and there's a strain. Lift the hips up soyou have a little more of a fighting chance. Another option, of course, is to bring oneankle in front of the other, and then if you're fancy, you can bring that ankleup towards the front of the hip crease for a little half Lotus or maybeyou're warmed up and you want to start your practice today with me and Lotus. So as you can see, we have the options, alwaysoptions here on the map. For me, that's what find what feels good means.Find what feels good and come

into a nice seated position, and we'll justtake a second to drop the chin into the chest. Relax the weight of the head over, and relaxthe palms gently on the knees or the tops of the thighs. Close your eyesnow, so you can take a break from looking at the tutorial here and just dropthe weight of the head over, go ahead and let the shoulders round and beginto notice your breath. So you might be wondering right now did Ipick the right tutorial, should I do something else, should I change my closes,do I really have time for thisé

And just give yourself permission to be herein this moment. Trust that you chose the right tutorial. It is valuable to takethe time here. And we begin to release and relax in the moment. Bring your awareness to the space betweenyour navel and your spine, cultivate a little energy there as you drawa line up through the center channel of your body, and begin to roll up. Again, you can open the gaze here to justtake a peek at the tutorial. Otherwise trust yourself here as we roll upnice and tall coming into

Sukhasana or the Pose of Ease. Relax your jaw, find length through the crownof the head, and then just energetically rooting down through the inaudible00:02:54. I got super relaxed there. Creating space from the crown of the headdown through the tail. Now nothing fancy here. Again, you can close youreyes, keep the gaze soft. Just listen to the sound of my voice as webegin to notice the breath. It's really quite lovely. Right when I saidthat I heard the wind chimes on

my front stoop. That's one of the things Ilove about yoga and you have a practice. As my practice unfolds, so doesmy awareness, too. My capacity to see, feel, experience thingsin the moment is truly awesome. So here we are chilling, checking in withthe breath. Just noticing the natural rhythm, the natural ebb and flow. And you'll find by just bringing our awarenessto it, we begin to experience it a little different than themoment before, and you might begin to deepen your breath here. Perhapsseeing if you can extend that

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