Sciatica And Big Toe Numbness

Treatment of Numb Big Toes and Big Toe Callus with Seattle Foot Larry Huppin

I'm going to talk now about what causes numbbig toes and what you can do about it. So, when we talk about numb big toes we have alot of patients that come in complaining of numbness along on this side of their toessometimes tingling and sometimes pain. There's a very specific reason why this occurs andusually very easy to treat, and by the way this is the same thing that causes calluseson the side of the toe. If you're looking on normal human step, mostof us are going to hit on the outside of our heel. When you're roll in and where you goforward and the big toe joint is going to bend. From the side it's going to look likethis so that's a normal step.

Some people when they walk their foot rollsin this way too much and so as it rolls in the ground presses up under the big toe jointhere. Now when they try and walk forward that toe joint doesn't bend and you can try thaton yourself. Just take your shoe off, sit down, have somebody push up under this areahere and try and bend the big toe it won't bend. So, if you can't bend this big toe you'rebody still has to find some way to move forward and the way it does it is instead of bendingthat toe fully you end up.let me show you with this foot. Instead of bending forwardlike that, you end up rolling right off the

side of the toe. What that does is it pinchesthe skin here, can cause what are called pinch calluses and in addition it can compress thenerves that run right underneath this area and that's actually what causes that numbness. So, when we try and treat this problem, ourgoal is to go back and get this toe to work through a full range of motion when you walkforward. If we can do that we can almost always can get rid of those symptoms. The most effectiveway to do that is use shoes that are stable enough to stop your heel from rolling in.You can go to our website and get our shoe list to find those shoes.

And the second is to put some sort of orthoticinside your shoe that encourages this bone to go down so that when you walk forward youhave full range of motion in that joint. Now, the best orthotics that do that are customorthotics that conform extremely tight to the arch of the foot. Those can be full size orthotics like thisor women's small dress orthotics like this that fit in dress shoes, flats and heels butthat really needs to grab that arch very, very tight when the foot is in that position.That works the best. In addition, there are some over the counter devices you can use,they don't work quite as well but here's a

good over the counter orthotic and see, thearch isn't quite as high. So, the foot is still going to flatten a little bit and notjamming that joint but it's still better than your shoe alone. Again, on our website, ifyou go to the website and do a search for numb toes or big toe numbness, you'll findsome suggestion on some over the counter devices and some more information on the custom orthoticsthat can help this problem. This is an easy problem to treat, don't livewith it. Again, it's caused by jamming on that big toe joint and you can always treatit with the right device inside your shoe.

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