Sciatic Triangle

Sciatica Back Pain Relief Yoga Advocate Part 1

Oh, hello. Sorry, I was working on my Savasana or corpse pose; It is an actual yoga pose, you see. It's good for self defense; if somebody tries to mug you you play dead. They don't mess with you no more. But seriously, today we are going to work on some yoga, yoga you can do in the privacy of your own home, your office place, or a prison cell (if time and space allow).

The word yoga means union or yoke. The aim of yoga is to strengthen the bond between your physical and your mental self while heightening the overall awareness of your inner self. Yoga can actually be instrumental in pain relief, specifically sciatica pain and lower back pain. You may say, how is this possibleé Well, you see, pain occurs when we forget to listen to what our body has to say and the union between our physical and our mental selves is broken. Yoga helps restore this balance through improved posture, increased muscle strength and, well, it helps you relax.

specifically, the bending poses we will be doing stretch the back muscles and realign the spine while the twisting poses tone the muscles and improve mobility. Now, of course, you are going to want to consult your first before trying any of these exercises yourself.

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