Pinched Sciatic Nerve Piriformis

Standing Piriformis Stretch For Pinched Sciatic Nerve

Welcome to Stability Before Strength. My name is Oscar and today I will show you how to stretch your Piriformis muscle in a standing position to help you alleviate your pinched sciatic nerve. You're going to start the stretch byholding onto a wall or stable surface and slowly cross your right or leftleg over your other leg and slowly bend your knees and shift yourweight towards the back of your hips you should feel stretch deep in yourgluts

and this is where your piriformis muscle and sciatic nerve run. uh. hold for fifteen thirty secondsnow runners know this stretch as a figure 4 stretch because you'reactually making a 4 with your body. You should feel a difference between your affected side and unaffected side meaning that you're affected side will betighter and will benefit from holding thestretch longer than the unaffected side. It's a good idea to compare your two sides because it will give you a good indication of

the improvement of your affected leg After fifteenthirty secondsrepeat the same steps on the other leg. For a deeper stretch you can drive your hips back and or use your freehand and push awayyour knee even though one side feels tighter in a few days or weeks you should noticea difference not only in the flexibility

but also the pain you're experiencing as you become more flexible, the painwill start to subside continue to stretch most days of the week, if not everyday Thanks for watching. I hope this tutorialtutorial was informative and helpful.

Supine Piriformis Stretch

I'm going to show you a piriformis stretchwhich is a small stabilizing muscle in your hip here. It's commonly used to help treatsciatic nerve pain, hip pain, back pain, knee pain. It's a commonly tight muscle that causesproblems. So what you're going to do is you're going to lay down. The side that you're stretching— in this case my right leg — is going to cross over your opposite side. You're goingto put one hand on top of your knee. The other hand, over your ankle and then you're slowlygoing to pull towards your opposite shoulder until you feel a stretch right through yourglutes here. You should not feel a pinch in the front of your thigh. If you do feel apinch, you might need to stretch your hip

flexors first. If you get into this positionand you don't feel a stretch, you can try raising up your opposite leg, grab behindyour thigh and then, pull forward and that'll help give you a more intense stretch. Youwant to hold the stretch 30 seconds to a minute. And that's your piriformis stretch.

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