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Does Acupuncture Increase Breast Cancer Survival Rates

gt;gt;gt; Lawenda, MD: Brian D. Lawenda, M.D.:Acupuncture is typically used for patients with breast cancer to decrease side effectsfrom treatment of cancer or from the cancer causing a lot of stress and anxiety in patients,which is really the best use of acupuncture for breast cancer patients. It is a not a treatment that we would useor recommend to be used instead of conventional treatments. It does not decrease the riskof recurrence that we know of and it does not reduce the risk of somebody potentiallydying from breast cancer. It is something that we would use as an adjunctivetherapy or what we called a complementary

therapy in order to help patients get throughtreatment more easily or to help them with their psychoemotional concerns and symptomslike anxiety and stress and fatigue. ***** Hi, I am Jay Harness and I want to sharewith you important information that I believe that every newly diagnosed patient with breastcancer needs to know. Susan Denver: I am a breast cancer survivor. Katherine Stockton: I am a breast cancer survivor. Coree: I am a breast cancer survivor.

Susan Denver: And I want every woman to know… Katherine Stockton: …about personalizedbreast cancer treatment… Susan Denver: …and the Genomic Test. Coree: A test that helps guide a woman andher … Katherine Stockton: …to the best treatmentoptions for her. Susan Denver: Pass it on!.

Raleigh Acupuncture Best Treatment For Acid Reflux

In this tutorial I'm going to talk to youabout acid reflux and how we treat it Chinese medicine and acupuncture. Acid reflux, also know as GERD, is abour a multibilliondollar pharmaceutical industry issue. So many people have acid reflux and they take so much medication for it. If that's you and the medications

are working that's great, you're all set. The problemis a lot of people the medication doesn't work or it startsworking and over time it stops effectiveness. That's where wecome in. We want to be able to help you. Chinesemedicine treats GERD a little bit differentlythan the medications. We're not going after relieving yoursymptoms. We're going after healing the root issue of the problem.

And the root issue of the problem withacid reflux is the stomach. Alright, there's too much acid in thestomach, the acid travels up through the esophagus sometimes into thethroat and sometimes even into the tongue. So we what we focus on Chinese medicineis treating the stomach, stopping thestomach from creating an overabundance of acid. We are able to do this. The issue herethere's a stomach

disharmony causing.And you know the stomach gets lots of different disharmony. Some people come in and they've got excess gas and bloating. Some people comein and they just have chronic stomach pain. Some people come in because theyhave too much acid being formed in their stomach. They're all different. These are different types of stomachdisharmonies and we treat them in different ways.

But the thing is, with Chinese medicine, whenyou treat a stomach disharmony properly you can resolve that disharmony.And when you resolve it and correct it, it no longer manifests the unpleasant symptoms. So in this casewhen you come in with reflux or GERD we're going to help the stomach stop producing an excess acid and whenwe do the symptoms go away. And they stay awake too. The amazingthing about Chinese medicine is that once you bring the body backinto balance

it tends to stay there. Now that doesn't mean you'll never have it come up again. Some people do have to come in for occasional maintenance, which we actually recommend to stay in balance. but it's not like if you get chronicheadache and you take asprin that's just temporary for that day and you'll have to take asprin again next time. No that's not how it works. When we correct the disharmony in your stomach for acid reflux you will no longer haveacid reflux. and you may want to come in once a monthor once a quarter to keep your stomach

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