Yoga To Cure Sciatic Pain

Top 3 Exercises for Sciatica and Pinched Nerve

Have you heard of sciaticaé A lot of peoplecomplain about nerve pain down the back of their leg. Usually the cause is withinthe lower back or pelvis. I'm going to give you 2 stretches today for the sciatic nerve. Itis the largest nerve in the body. It runs down the back of the leg and splits into two behindthe knee. It runs the whole way to the foot. It can cause shooting pain, numbness, tingling,dead leg feeling or the feeling that your leg is falling asleep. The first exercise is this. It is called flossing.We are going to sit up nice and straight here. What you are going to do is straightenthe affected leg or the leg with pain.

Stretch that leg out and look up at the sametime. As you are doing this, if you are doing it right and you are doing it on thepainful leg, it could actually make the symptoms travel down your leg. That is ok.You are putting a stretch on the nerve. We are going to hold that 5 seconds. Then bendyour knee and look down. 5 second hold here. 5 second hold, 10 times each way. Thisis called flossing. The next exercise is called a slump stretch.Same idea here, as you are doing this exercise, you could experience increased symptomsdown the leg and that is ok. Outside of the flossing or this exercise,no other exercise should increase the pain

travelling down the leg. Everything else shouldactually decrease the pain in the leg and you will experience more pain in yourlower back. What we do is this: Feet against the wall, knees straight, fingers interlockedbehind the head. Then you are going to slump forward. So bring your elbows in. Thereyou go. This should cause pretty sharp symptoms down the back of your leg. It iscalled the slump stretch and it is ok to feel increased pain down the back of the leg. Wehold this for 30 seconds and we do 3 of them in the . Now if that is too difficult,if that is too advanced, here is what you can do: Place your arms behind you and situp and arch your back. What you want to

try to do is if that is too much for you,if that is too intense, you can place your arms behind your back and simply arch your back.Rock your pelvis forward. That will do the same exact thing but it is a little less intensethan interlocking your fingers behind your neck and leaning forward. This is a littlemore basic. So you can modify. The same idea though 30 seconds, 3 times. If you canat least get yourself to sit up straight with the legs straight, feet flat against the wall,you are in good shape. The third exercise you should do for sciaticaor symptoms running down your leg is this: Realize that with symptoms travelling downyour leg, often there isnt a problem within

the leg. The problem is within the lower backor the pelvis. The sciatic nerve, the nerve roots where it originates is in your lowerback. If you are getting pressure on the nerve roots there either from disc degeneration,from a herniated disc or, as is also common, a problem within the pelvis and the sacroiliacjoint. If you have a problem there that is putting increased pressure on the nerve, thatis what creates the symptoms in your leg. You can think about it like this: if you havea long garden hose and there is water running through it and you pinch one end,obviously at the other end you are going to have less water flow. Same idea in your body.If you pinch that sciatic nerve, that is

what creates the symptoms. That is what changeswhat you are feeling down your leg. The solution isn't to continually addressthe problems in your leg. Or to put heat on your leg or ice on your leg. The solution is torelieve the pressure on the other end of the garden hose or the other end of the sciaticnerve. So what you need to do is figure out what is causing the symptoms down your leg.A good Physical Therapist can help you do that and they can decipher through testingwhether it is coming from arthritis or disc degeneration or stenosis in your back, a herniateddisc or a problem in your pelvis. So the third exercise that you should be doingis the 3 exercises that are addressing the

Yoga For Back Pain Back Strengthening Stretches To Relieve Prevent Back Pain

hi everyone this is Cole Chance from YogaTX, thankyou for joining me on your mat gonna do a little bit back string and stretchingmost everybody I massage therapist as well and everybody has back issues lot of out of the way we live our livesall out front of us and hunched over we're just gonna do some things to tryto open that up and do little strengthening as well and fully get backon your feet feeling well so what start on any sort of ism child's both so wideleg child's pose needs wide so we'll be coming forward and walking it hands outas much as you can

can rest your forehead on the mat or anyother really feeling your belly expand in between your thighs and also feeling you're feeling thatthree hundred and sixty degrees in my back is also rising bellies falling toreally expanding talk a little bit further out here release right hand slide it underneaththis little and go with me here with her left hand it will take a little twisthere so you can stay right here you can start to walk your your left hand overto the right and twist your chest to the

sky can also take your left arm aroundyour back if it's available some different options and also just stayright here some kind of pushing you don't bend your elbow as well you knowpushed the ground away so many options to make some organic movement and seewhat feels good to you draw extended Mac outlaw her left arm andtake it you can just stay right here for like any good stretch on your leftshoulder deltoid area you can start to play around some variations can push theground away with your right hand your right hand over to the left side

can also take it behind your back so funny variation that works for younow they're big inhale release all things both looked our lipskeeping arms out in the front straight as long as you can relax yourforehead on the grounds that they get a good stretch here or inhale this like a cow couple really getting some articulationand your spine so pushing the ground

away and your ex sales guy he'll burndown coming back through when you're coming through the action of pullingyour palms toward journeys a really good strike again stretch left side of your spine theother side to articulate their spawn in all directions was getting good leftbody stretches well with more time coming to center that aside first let'sopen up to the right really open open open underneath yourleft hand with the same variations here that we did on the other side will beacceptable in different ways you can

push the ground away really her left leg out a little bit brighterhere really bring all your pieces back in your arm will go all the way back upand open to the right and pleasure the other side the left arm over age andthen down variation can always switch with get a little stretch relieved Bashar so right hand rear legback in open all the way back to the future

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