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hi everyone this is Cole Chance from YogaTX, thankyou for joining me on your mat gonna do a little bit back string and stretchingmost everybody I massage therapist as well and everybody has back issues lot of out of the way we live our livesall out front of us and hunched over we're just gonna do some things to tryto open that up and do little strengthening as well and fully get backon your feet feeling well so what start on any sort of ism child's both so wideleg child's pose needs wide so we'll be coming forward and walking it hands outas much as you can

can rest your forehead on the mat or anyother really feeling your belly expand in between your thighs and also feeling you're feeling thatthree hundred and sixty degrees in my back is also rising bellies falling toreally expanding talk a little bit further out here release right hand slide it underneaththis little and go with me here with her left hand it will take a little twisthere so you can stay right here you can start to walk your your left hand overto the right and twist your chest to the

sky can also take your left arm aroundyour back if it's available some different options and also just stayright here some kind of pushing you don't bend your elbow as well you knowpushed the ground away so many options to make some organic movement and seewhat feels good to you draw extended Mac outlaw her left arm andtake it you can just stay right here for like any good stretch on your leftshoulder deltoid area you can start to play around some variations can push theground away with your right hand your right hand over to the left side

can also take it behind your back so funny variation that works for younow they're big inhale release all things both looked our lipskeeping arms out in the front straight as long as you can relax yourforehead on the grounds that they get a good stretch here or inhale this like a cow couple really getting some articulationand your spine so pushing the ground

away and your ex sales guy he'll burndown coming back through when you're coming through the action of pullingyour palms toward journeys a really good strike again stretch left side of your spine theother side to articulate their spawn in all directions was getting good leftbody stretches well with more time coming to center that aside first let'sopen up to the right really open open open underneath yourleft hand with the same variations here that we did on the other side will beacceptable in different ways you can

push the ground away really her left leg out a little bit brighterhere really bring all your pieces back in your arm will go all the way back upand open to the right and pleasure the other side the left arm over age andthen down variation can always switch with get a little stretch relieved Bashar so right hand rear legback in open all the way back to the future

Lower Back Stretches to Relieve Back Pain Ep41

If you feel like your lower back needs a goodstretch after a run, a workout, or even a long day in the office, let me show you fiveof my favourite lower back stretches. Before I get into demonstrating the differentexercises, it's important for me to mention that there are of course different potentialcauses for the tightness in your back. Sometimes the muscles of the lower back gettight and feel like they need stretching as a result of weakness, or to protect a moresignificant injury. It's important that if you're regularlyexperiencing lower back pain and stiffness, that you get a physical therapist to assessyour back and determine the root cause.

That said, let's take a look at these exercisesso you can get started right now. The cobra stretch from the elbows is a gentlyway of working your lower back into extension from topdown, you can then progress to supportingyourself on your hands as your extension improves. Begin by lying facedown on the floor. Bringyour hands palms down in front of your face and press your forearms into the ground tolever your chest off the floor. Be sure to breathe out as you push yourselfoff the ground. When this is easy, you can progress onto workingwith straight arms, pushing only through your hands. This will increase the amount of extensionrequired from your lower back.

Aim for 10 x 10 second holds in the extendedposition. This exercise is particularly good for thosewho suffer from lumbar disc problems. Those who have irritable lumbar facet joints, howevershould avoid it. Child's pose is a fantastic stretch intolumbar flexion, as well as thoracic extension. Begin by kneeling upright. From there sitback onto your heels, and band forward to bring your torso down to the ground. Reach your arms forwards and feel your chestsink downwards to the ground as you breathe out and relax.

Once you're in this position. Maintain thepose for 2040 seconds 35 times This stretch is fantastic to reach musculartightness in the lower back, but should be approached with caution if you know you sufferfrom a lumber disc bulge or prolapse. Knee hugs are a supersimple way of achievinga stretch through the muscles of the lower back, while also working on hip flexion. Lying on your back on the ground, bring bothknees up towards your chest and wrap your arms around them, hugging them tightly. You can do this either with both legs, orone at a time.

Maintain the stretch for 2040 seconds 35times. One of my favourite exercises to work on lumbarstiffness is the simple knee drops exercise. Lying on your back, you can either do thiswith your feet flat on the ground, or with them elevated, making the exercise more difficult. Place your arms directly out to your sides,which will help to keep your shoulders down as you drop your knees from side to side. You should aim to keep your knees and anklestogether as you allow your knees to drop together slowly, with control from the left to theright, and back again.

Aim to do 3 sets of 20 of these knee drops. The Iron cross exercise is a somewhat moreadvanced option, which will not only give you a good lower back stretch, but also inmany cases a lateral hamstring stretch too depending where you're tight. As per the knee drop exercise, spread yourarms out to your sides and aim to keep your shoulders on the ground as you perform thedrill. From there keep one leg relatively straightand kick the other leg across towards the opposite hand.

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