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How To Massage Sciatica To Reduce Leg Pain Massage Monday 226

Hi everyone. This is Yasuko and it's timefor Massage Monday. This week I'm going to talk about how to selftreatsciatica or more accurately pseudosciatica using a lacrosse ball or Thera Cane. I oftenhave clients come in with quot;sciaticaquot; issues with a pain shooting down from the hip tothe leg and even numbness in the leg. So what is sciaticaƩ Sciatica is an inflammation ofsciatic nerve that runs through the hip and down the side of the leg or the back of theleg. The common symptom is the radiating pain from the hip all the way to the leg. Medicallyspeaking it is caused by a pinch of the nerve in the lower back by herniated discs or bonespurs which can be medically treated by a

surgery as a last resort. However, this pain that shoots down the legmay be caused simply by tight gluteal muscles, the muscles in the buttocks, specificallyby the trigger points found in gluteus minimus. Let's call this pseudosciatica because it'snot really sciatica but has the similar pain like the real sciatica and it makes it hardto get up from the chair or stand straight. Trigger Points are the tight spots in musclesthat are stuck in a contracted state and forgot to release. They are sore or painful to touchbut they also cause pain elsewhere called referred pain. This is what I mean. In thiscase, the X's are the trigger points in gluteus

minimus and the red areas are the referredpain. When you loosen these trigger points the pain in the red area will be gone. Thesetrigger points can be created from various reasons such as sitting crooked for a longtime in front of the computer, TV, car, airplane, especially if you keep a wallet in your buttpocket, or from playing sports like tennis, walking, running, swimming, and cycling fora long period of time. To treat the trigger points first find thehip bone. Then go down on the side of the hip to find the greater trochanter which isthe big bump on the top of the thigh bone. The gluteus minimus is located between theselandmarks. It is the deepest layer of the

gluteus muscles. You can also lean side toside and feel the muscles contracting as you lean to the target side. Then put a lacrosseball on the muscle and lean against the wall and roll it over the tight spot for 10 timeswhich should take no more than 20 seconds. You don't want to do it too long because itinvolves some pain and you don't want to bruise the muscle. If you are working on the rightside, stand on your left leg. Or almost lift your right foot to loosen the target muscle.When you massage the muscle should be relaxed and loose so you can dig deeper. As you sawthis muscle gets contracted and tight when you put on your weight on this side. If youhave a pain on the side of the leg, look for

a painful spot more towards the side betweenthe hip bone and thigh bone. If you have a pain in the back of the leg, look for a painfulspot towards the center of the glutes under the hip bone. If lacrosse ball is too hardand painful, you can use a tennis ball. You can also use Thera Cane if you have one.With Thera Cane put the ball on the tip on the gluteus minimus from behind, hold it withboth hands in a comfortable position, lean to the other side, and press on the tightspot for 10 times. BTW if you don't have Thera Cane it's a great selfhealing tool. I'llput the link below. Repeat this treatment three to six times aday every day to see the results. If you tend

to sit in front of the computer for a longtime and if that's causing this problem it's a good way to take a short break because itshouldn't take more than 20 seconds. Remember only do it 10 times at a time. Besides the daily selftreatment I highlyrecommend working with a massage therapist in your area who knows and believes in TriggerPoint Therapy who can treat you and check if you are doing it right. If you have a pain in your body and want tofind out if Trigger Point Therapy can help, let me know and I will cover in the futuretutorials. Holistically speaking I would avoid

Joint Pain Relief Natural Pain Killer and Glucosamine sulfate

is joint pain and inflammation affectingyour quality of life well you need not suffer enough i'm homemessage we fight a joint what you're getting is a one hundredpercent natural whole food nutrient based supplement tohelp with pain and inflammation so whether you have osteoarthritisrheumatoid arthritis doubt sciatica neck pain knee pain and ankle and hip pain this all has to do with information andoften is a great degradation of what's

happening within your joint space which by the joint to getting again aone hundredpercent natural base ingredient for me about that has no sideeffects that helps to reduced your pain andinflammation and actually helps to build the cartilage and that's very important because thecartilage is that spongy couching within the joints and all demonstrates you quickly whatthat looks like so at the end of are bone

we always wanna make sure that we have aspongy cushioning and that's our cartilage in our cartilage is made up ofcollagen it's very important that we have compressive forces thatwe're maintaining that cartilage space the same is true for all of the jointsin our body so if we take a look at an knee joints and knee joint normally hasnormal flexion and extension and we can see that this issue here is veryimportant this is the cartilage we want to maintain that

the vitajoints will provied those natural ingredients to help tomaintain that cartilage space that spongy cushioningthe same is true in the spine of course we have vertevral disks in between avertebrae and we know you know if you're sufferingwith back pain that this can become degraded so that you had bone on bone which are no you're not a happy camperif this is happening this can cause neck pain

especially low back pain can all be treated and also moreimportantly prevented with the vitajoints now the joints from vitatree again has one hundredpercent whole food ingredients with absolutely no fillers were notdiluting the products in any way and this is why people feel the differenceand they feel the difference quickly when they take the body joints even if you take another things like thecoast simeon or msm before and without the

results and of course this is what i sawmy practice practicing as a naturopathic for close to fifteen years now by patients would come into the office with mixed results with what they weretaking in terms of their joint formulas and they said oh bowring they dont work for me well i encourage you to try vitajoints its a very different formulation it has the glucosamine the msm theconcerning but also very special ingredients like

Sciatica Symptoms Resovled DavisSpineInstitute

When you originally presented to the officeyou presented with chronic lower back pain and pain that moved all the way down yourleg down to your ankle. It limited your ability to walk, limited your ability to stand. Howhave you done here with Davis in managing your pain, and how are you feeling todayƩWell I'll tell you, when i first came in here I could hardly walk. I couldn't get in andout of the car, I couldn't get out of bed, I had to lay down all the time. I'm 100% betterthan what I was when I first came in here. They treat you real well and real friendly. Davis is a darn good . My medical just told me to take more pain pillsand I don't like that idea at all. It's greatly

helped me and improved me 100%. I would recommendit to anybody. Chiropractic is the way to go. Well congratulations on your results andwe're very very proud to have you here as a patient. You're welcome thank you.

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