Sciatica Pain Permanent

Best Stretches for Sciatica

Hello I'm Heather Moore owner ofTotal Performance Physical Therapy. Today we're going to go over the best exercisesfor sciatica. There's really one main stretch that you can do a bunch of different waysif you're getting numbness and tingling down your leg, if you'r e getting pain throughyour back, in your butt you should do this stretch multiple times throughout the day,when you do it you want to try and hold it for about 30 seconds, you want to try andperform 6 repetitions if you can't do it for that long that's okay hold it for as longas you can, if for any reason these are going to increase your pain you need to stop immediatelyand call your but this should alleviate

a lot of your body pain specially if you aresitting for a long period of time or you get a lot of pain down your leg. The first oneis in the seated position you want to sit up nice and straight, you want to cross yourankle over your knee if you feel a stretch there that's where you need to stop, if youdon't feel a stretch there all you wann do is sit up and lean forward and you shouldfeel a greater stretch through your butt, through your hamstring which is in the backof your leg and through the side of your leg, you may even feel a little bit on your backdepending on where your tight is again this shouldn't hurt and should feel like a goodstretch, you could do this sitting at your

desk all day long, you also want to make surethat you concentrate on both sides not just the side that hurts, piriformis muscle whichis what this is stretching on both sides and will tag evenly on your sacrum or your tailbone so you want to make sure that you do both sides and not just one. The next wayto do this stretch is standing up, you want to find a surface where you can put your leg,your hip at about 90 degrees and you're going to bring your foot up and you're just goingto have it lay on the table and you're going to let your knee drop to the side, if yourknee doesn't fall all the way down that's okay, don't force it down let it just staythere again if you get, if you're in this

position and you don;t feel a stretch youcan now begin to lean forward, you're going to feel the stretch in your back, in yourglut, in your hamstring and all the side of your leg, this should not be painful it shouldfeel like a nice stretch this one also you want to do 30 seconds hold about 6 repetitionsand you want to make sure that you hit both sides. The final way to do this stretch islaying down, so you want to lay on your back and this is a good thing to do when you getup in the morning, go ahead and bend both your knees up and then you're going to crossyour ankle over your knee, now again if this is where you feel a stretch stop right thereand hold it, if you don't feel a stretch in

this position you're going to reach both armsbehind this leg and you're going to pull it up towards your chest, you should feel a stretchagain in the back, in the glut, in the hamstring or maybe even on the side of the leg, it shouldnot hurt it should feel like a nice gentle stretch, you want to hold this about 30 secondsand you want to do about 6 of those you can do this as many times during the day as youwould like there is no set number or times that you can do this, anytime your tight youcan do this and it will not harm you.

How I got rid of Sciatica and Low Back Pain permanently

Hi I'm not a medical who practises medicine I've always treated myself with diet, fasting and natural remedies so i asked myself why is it we get sciatica painsé I eat healthy, though I eat a little bit of cake, and I eat meats, and drink a little wine I'm not a fanatic but I usually try to eat healthy I have no health problems even though I am now in my 60s but I couldn't figure out why I was getting this trouble with my lower back

and then recently I was trying to lift up a carpet and the next thing I was on the floor It was like the top side of my body was separated from the bottom I felt like I was just like in two pieces And I lay there on the floor and I imagined ambulance, surgeons, and nurses and full time health care And I saw my house having to be sold to pay for it all theh I remembered the story of a friend from California

who had fallen from a very high waterfall and she was told by the s that that she never would be able to walk again She was only 18 at that time and told she would be in a wheelchair and very pretty, blond and beautiful and everything and very pretty, blond and beautiful and everything And she said quot;No wayquot; she was not going to be stuck to a wheelchair so she pushed herself and started walking It was very painful so she actually got to doing a little every day

And when I met her she actually had her own dance troupe And she was teaching Salsa and Samba to people in Sacramento And her name wsa Magica. She took on the second name of Magica because her life was magic you see she was told she was going to be confined to a wheelchair and here she was teaching dancing! And I felt her lower back.she had asked me to feel her lower back

and it was just nothing but crushed bone I couldn't imagine how she could walk and dance But she had built up the musculature around the area that was damaged and that's why she was able to function normally So I though of her and said quot;If Magica could do what she did , I do not need to go to the quot; II'm going to stay at home And another friend from Portugal had gone through a surgery for the same lower back problems

and he was now confined to a wheelchair and in a terrible state So I wanted to find out what's this about the back that is causing sciatica and the lower back to get out of whack sso I took a photgraph of my back this picture was taken on my IMAC and I turned by back to the computer so thei right side is actually the left side of my back This is the right side of my back This is my spinal chord and you can see this thick band here which forms a shadow on the right side of my spinal chord

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