Sciatica Pain Leg Brace

The Sciatica Relieving Back Support

If low back pain is interfering with yourgame, be it golf, tennis, or any sport the sport all back support can help. Thesport all back support delivers pain relief and support to get you back inthe action, in comfort. The patented stay inplace design combines an athletic short with the builtin back support the athletic short made of 3% nylon and 17%spandex. For cool comfort and soothing compression. It's flexible enough to movewith you, but firm enough to support you. The sides can be pulled higher forlumbar support and lower for sacroiliac support and the double side pulls are removable so you can adjust it for

minimum or maximum support.

DRHOS 2in1 Decompression Back Belt Testimonial Fred

So I've had back, hip problems for the pastfour or five years. I fell down a flight of stairs. About six months ago I had an MRIdone, and they found that I had four herniated discs in my lower back and I had sciaticapain all down both legs actually. So I've tried everything for my back pain. I did tractionat the . I went to chiropractic. I did physiotherapy. I've even taken pain killersbefore soccer games. And you know what, nothing gave me instantrelief except for the DRHO'S Belt. When I first put that on the very first time, instantlythe pain down my legs, the sciatica pain that I had was instantly gone. So in using thebelt now it allows me to do more things than

I could do before. Before I was just layingon the couch and couldn't really move, couldn't play with the kids. Couldn't play sports.Couldn't go to the gym. Now, after using it it feels like I've got something back now,like I'm young again, because I was feeling real old.

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