Sciatica Middle Back Pain

Yoga For Sciatica Yoga With Adriene

Hello everyone. Welcome to yoga with Adriene. I'm Adriene, and today'spractice is yoga for Sciatica or for lower back pain, nerve pain. This is a really great practiefor anyone who has dealt with any flare ups in the lower back body. Perhaps you're recovering from an injury, and you're needing toease back into things.

Be really mindful. If you are in pain now, youmight need to ask your or you might need to checkin and just make sure you're doing the right exercise, but this is a really yummy practice that's going to balancestrengthening and stretching in a really kind and loving way. So, for today's practice,you're gonna need a towel,

a little towel if you have it. If you have a yoga strap, awesome, or if you have a tie,you can use that as well. Just something about yay long that will help you find length. Alright, so hop into something comfy. Grab your towel or your strap or your tie, and let's get started.

(lively, bouncy strumming music) Alright, the first thing we're gonna do is going to be a supine on our backs, and you're gonna need your towel or your strap or yourtie, whatever you got. So, put it right to your sideso you can grab it easily, and then bend the knees, use your hands to slowlyroll down to your back.

Get situated here. Connect with your breath. Knees are up towards the sky. Feet are on the mat. And take a second to bringthe hands to the belly or right to the hip points here, and just notice what'sgoing on in the lower back. If there's a space, ifyou can crawl your hand

between the lower back, see if you can make an adjustment tobring your lower back flush with the mat. And if you have to adjustyour feet, please do. So the lower back is nowpressing against the mat and since we're here to practice and go the extra mile, self love and care, take a moment to close your eyes,

Back Pain Sciatica Bulging Disc

Do you have lower back painé Lower back paincan come from poor lifting technique or lifting things that are too heavy or sometimes theycan happen in the gym when we're trying to do exercises with poor technique of ourlower back or even in the garden when you're stooping over things. Listen in for more informationon how back pain can happen and how discs bulge. Here's two vertebra, when you cansee the nerves here and you can see the disc in the middle between the two vertebra boneswhich are here and this is a great illustration of when you bend too much or flex the frontof the spine, it compresses the front of the spine and you can see the little disc bulgingout and putting pressure on to the nerve.

So this is sometimes how budging discs cancreate pain or refer pain down the leg. So too much flexion with poor technique, liftingsomething heavy, bending over too hard can create a lot of pressure that makes the discbulge back like this.

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