Sciatica Autoimmune Disease

Inflammatory Autoimmune Infectious Diseases Part 1 Mimics of Low Back Pain CO Spine Surgeon

hello this is corenman we're going to talk about inflammatoryautoimmune infectious diseases and chronic pain and mimics of low back pain and leg pain these are essentially neurologic diseasesor chronic pain diseases that we will discuss again my favorite comment was from the

physician famous osler you find what you know and you see whatyou look for if you don't understand it somethingcan happen and you don't know that a condition canoccur you won't look for it I think this quote isvery valuable we're going to start with retroperitonal pain referral to the lower back these are structures organs essentially and the retroperitonal area

that will refer pain to the lower back embroyologically the structures are all supplied by similar nerveendings as found in the lumbar spine it's thought that there's possiblefeedback from the afferent autonomics that goes through the same track as thesomatic sensory system this is why you get referral pain intothe lower back the retroperitonal structure ofcourse

are the abdominal aorta the kidneys the pancreas the gallbladder the urinary bladder the ovaries and theuterus the quality of pain can very commonlybe identified by what structure is affected kidneys

normally will cause a unilateral costovertebral pain and tenderness if you percuss the area right belowthe lowest unilateral rib you can get significant reproduction ofpain endometriosis and ovarian cysts ofcourse are cyclical pain that are associatedwith the patient's period pelvic inflammatory diseases are notcyclical there's something called the hangingchandelier sign the cervix is so

tender that the patient has severe pain with any palpation of this ectopic pregnancy of course is a surgicalemergency you need a good history normally seven weeks after the lastperiod and the patient should have a prior pelvic inflammatory disease causingscarring of the fallopian tubes diverticulitis commonly can cause a steady typeof abdominal pain cancer of bone or organ can cause

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