Sciatica And Inner Knee Pain

Sciatica Ka Gharelu ilaj Home Remedy for Sciatica Pain

Hello and Welcome Friends!!! You most welcome on Lakhaipurtv ( INTRO MUSIC ) Today I will tell you about very easy home treatment to cure sciatica pain Yess friends, leaves of night jasmine is very effective for sciatica or sciatic nerve pain it cures acute sciata in short time This plant known as many names such as Harishringaar, Harsingaar, Paarijaat, Shefalika, etc. It called night jasmine or coral jasmine in English

Coral jasmine is not big tree, it like bush its leaves are green color rough white color flowers blooms in bunch you can understand it easily from its photos It's leaves used to cure sciatica If you find it's tree near you then take it's 56 green leaves crush and boil like tea and drink after being cold drink it twice daily morning and evening

this is very effectiv in sciatica pain acute sciatica cures soon and for chronic sciatica use it for long time if you are unable to find fresh leaves then it's dried leaves you can find from herb seller you can use dry leaves also by boiling it or make dry leaves powder and take 1 spoon twice daily Use of bark powder of it's tree stem is very useful joint pain and arthritis Leaves, bark, flower all are useful of this plant Use of night jasmine is useful in sciatica and gout, arthritis, cold, cough, fever, worms, swelling and diabetes etc.

So friend, if any one is suffering from sciatica then heshe should must use it and take advantage of natural herb Must SUBSCRIBE our channel to know another info like this and to get update of new info and to know herbal formulas to cure disease If you found today's info useful then LIKE SHARE this then other people can get its benefits too If you have any question about today's info then feel free to ask through comment your view, advice and queries are welcome To read all info click on the link in description below

That's all for today Wishing you healthy life THANK YOU.

KT Tape Inner Knee

Hi I'm chris harper and with me is Makayla and we're here to demonstrate anapplication for inner knee pain. This is when you havepain at the inner and lower portionof the knee. I'm just going to indicate thatwith a red dot your pain may be in a slightlydifferent location. Some causes of this may be overuse,excessive stress or tightness through

quad and thigh, abrupt changesin direction, or twisting of the knee. KT Tape helps by relieving pressureto reduce pain relaxing muscles and may Increase circulation. For this application we're going to havethe leg in an approximate ninety degree bend and we are going to take ourfirst full strip of tape and we are going to fold that in half in with some scissors we're going tocut rounded corners around that folded end this creates rounded cornersso sharp corners

don't get caught on clothingas you take clothing on and of.f We are going to twist and tear the backingpaper folding that back being careful not totouch the adhesive and this first piece we are going to stretch toeighty percent so we stretch hundred percent and then back that offjust a little bit we are going to apply it right over that point of pain you may beexperiencing. We are going to peal that backing paper offand those ends of the tape being laid down with

absolutely zero stretch so only stretchon that piece is in the middle portion of the tape that goes right over that siteof pain. Our other piece that we just created wegoing to twist and tear that backing paper peeling that back and again trying to handle the tapes soyou're not touching the adhesive apply nice even pressurethrough the piece of tape and apply that crossing the other piece now lining withthe lower leg just like the first piece laying thosetails down with absolutely zero stretch.

Give a little bit of a friction rub soit'd adheres make sure you get all the corners sticking to your skin well littlefriction helps the adhesive stick to the skin much better. And for our third piece we're going totwist and tear a full piece of tape down by the logoend of the tape and create an anchor there. With this piece we are going right in between our first two pieces down a little bitlower so it adheres to the skin and

applying this with absolutely zerostretch so for this peace we need to applytwenty five percent stretch so we are going to stretch it out fullyand then back off half and half again to create twenty five percent and we're going to lay that down in turn the tape to go up towards themiddle thigh or pointing the end tape towards the hip. That last bit of tape we are just going totake the paper off

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