Sciatic Nerve Pain Untreated

Sciatica Leg Pain Relief

{\rtf1\ansi\ansicpg1252\deff0\deflang2057{\fonttbl{\f0\fnil\fcharset0Arial;}{\f1\fnil\fcharset0 Calibri;}} {\*\generator Msftedit;}\viewkind4\uc1\pard\sa200\sl276\slmult1\qj\lang9\fs36Hi, I'm Paula Moore The Chiropractor and I'm going to show you a sciatica leg pain reliefexercise. It should be know that the majority of people who come to see me as patients whohave been diagnosed with sciatica, don't have true sciatica. They do have leg pain thatis mimicking sciatica. In other words, it is running through the buttocks and down thethight, right down to the ankle but it stems from a different place. It's not the sciaticnerve. It is from a tight muscle in the buttocks, known as the piriformis muscle. It clampsdown over the sciatic nerve giving you sciaticlike

symtoms. \parYou chiropractor can tell the difference between these two. True sciatica and a piriformismuscle problem. I'm going to show you a stretch to get rid of the piriformis muscle problemand the resultant leg pain. If you do this stretch and notice your leg pain startingto decrease, you probably didn't have true sciatica and that's great, because sciaticais harder to treat. \par So you want to sit fairly close to the walland swing your legs up so your heels touch the wall. If you leg pain is on the left,then take your left ankle and place it over your left knee. Now some of you might findthat this position is already very difficult

to get into because your piriformis musclehas become very tight. If you want to increase the stretch, shuffle up closer to the wallwith your buttocks. If you want to deepen the stretch yet again, slide your right foot down thewall so that your knee is bent. You can increase the stretch by gently bringing the left kneetoward your opposite shoulder. That is the perfect position to lie in for the next sixtyseconds using your breathing to relax. \par Do the stretch on both sides, even if yoursymptoms are only on the left, as you need to stay symmetrical. 60 seconds on both sides.Remember to increase the stretch by pulling your knee gently toward the opposite shoulderor by sliding the opposite leg down the wall.

\parAny questions please send my an email to posture tutorials . Thanks for watching.\par\pard\sa200\sl276\slmult1\f1\fs22\par }.

New Effective Treatment for Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome

Are you suffering from burning tingling andnumbing in the bottom of your footé For years the practice of performing the oldprocedure for tarsal tunnel produced a 40 to 60% failure rate because only this tunnelat the laciniate ligament in the ankle was released. Our new approach is designed to relieve pressureson the nerves in not only the tarsal tunnel which is similar to releasing the carpal tunnelin the hand, but now we know at least three more tunnels in the foot that must be addressed.This allows for normal function to return to the nerves. This is done for relievingburning, tingling and numbness and this is

critical. This has increased our success rate to 85to 90% success rate from the old failure rate of 40 to 60%. Now we know to release the superior calcanealchamber containing the medial plantar nerve supplying the bottom inside of your foot andtoes. The inferior calcaneal chamber containingthe lateral plantar nerve supplying the bottom outside of your foot and toes. And the smaller medial calcaneal nerve tunnelswhich may be 1 or more branches supplying

the inside and bottom of the your heel. These ligaments or fibrous tunnels are carefullyreleased to create more space which relieves the pressures at each of these nerve tunnelsor  quot;chokepointsquot; allowing for the return of normal nerve function. Post operatively we incorporate Physical rehabilitationsuch as neural gliding, and aqua therapy, to encourage restoration of motor and sensorynerve function. Therapeutic lasers to enhance your healing process through photobiomodulationand Nutraceuticals to provide quot;fuelquot; for your nerves to heal.

Remember the longer yours nerves are compressed,the more damage occurs to the axon or quot;corequot; of the nerve and this makes it more difficultto resolve the burning, tingling and numbing in your foot and restore normal sensationso early intervention is recommended.

carpal tunnel s in round rock tx 5127828922 carpal tunnel syndrome double crush

hey guys Murphy here Round RockTexas chiropractor just got back into townfrom our Christmas vacation us playing in snow for about five daysreally get a relaxing time today I want to talk to you about carpaltunnel syndrome carpal tunnel syndrome is described as apins and needles your hands seniors does have pain associated withthat very uncomfortable some keeps people awake at night wasreally really up serious problem for people aresuffering from now

a lot of people had things like carpaltunnel surgery The problem with carpal tunnelsurgery is that a lot of times carpal tunnel syndrome is misdiagnosedis actually condition called double crush syndrome whichmeans which means that it is not only the nerves trapped in the wrist but also nerves that could be trapped in the neck or shoulder or elbow and you canimagine if you have carpal tunnel surgery on your wrists then the inner might be shot in the armor shoulder neck

that surgery on the wrist is not going to help now the other problem with surgery is that the tunnel the nerves have to go through in the wrist is really small when you there sir hang on with surgery then when that heals you will get scar tissue now I'll which is you're taken urs likeNancy more so after the surgery some peoplewill get a little bit early but then it comes back worse becausethat scar tissue

what better way to treat carpal tunnel is through conservative means like chiropractic care chiropractic care verysuccessful in treating carpal tunnel because firstly diagnosis dinner pensionarrest me although made shoulder after maybe acombination various there which structurally just structure it pressure of Americaget some early we also use our nerve ReBuilder a program ithelps the nerves regenerate repair

faster Murray growth is a very slowprocess well this particular therapy helps speed up thethat process we also look at nutritionally because the nurse will grow heal faster the proper restrictions yeah nutritionthere and then we also do some soft tissue workwear we also do some massage therapy work on the joints to try to help relieve any kind ofmuscle issues that might be there as

well so someone you know or maybe even yourcell room for carpal tunnel syndrome I'm toyour cell taters save yourself a lot of pain a lotrecovery time a lot of money come and let us check you out at MurphyFamily Chiropractic in Round Rock Texas if we can help you will let you knowthen and you'll have a much better successrate with conservative means like chiropractic care for carpal tunnel syndrome as well as any other chiropractic needs

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