Sciatic Nerve Pain Gluten

Can Grains Really Cause Low Back Pain

hey it's Ben Patwa here and I wanna talktoday about the concept of grains and gluten and how that affects ourbodies and I'm going to talk about some things you probably not heard about so stick around and find out how grainsand especially gluten are affecting our health and ourperformance alright, so something you've probably heard about is gluten or gluten intolerances,gluten allergies and what is that you might even know that gluten is correlatedto wheat

and what it is that the protein insidethe wheat food source for the grain that we have areaction to just imagine it like this that there's aa bouncer at your night club in their checking isyour name down if your names not down you're not getting in and Gluten comesalong and gluten like quot;Hey, I wanna get into your night clubquot; butthey're not on the list well now sparks a little fight or a scufflebetween gluten is trying to get into the night club

and your bouncer who's like quot;you'renot coming inquot; well that's the same thing that happens in our gut gluten for most people especially todaywith the way the gluten is processed heavily toxic in terms of pesticides and the way wefarm today the gluten it having such a reaction inyour gut that it's causing inflammation,irritation and it's affecting the way that we canabsorb the nutrients

and the enzymes that happen in our gutthat something you may have heard out and why is information so bad wellinformation in our gut has been correlated to back pain herniated discs, injuries, weakness spinal misalignments. I could go on Whyé well if you haven't decreased functionin your gut which means that you have more bloating, I'm gonna correlate this specially

the ladies out there and maybe the menwho've who've been around a woman when she'sbeen on her period it's exactly the same thing happens what happens is we have pain andinformation in our intestines we have nerve responses that saysomething's wrong there, those nerves correlate to the samearea in our spine that our Abdominals ourabs and our protective muscles are firedfrom

so we get a response up to our brain that says quot;Whoa, something's wrongquot; and the way we were built in nature isif something's wrong we like to not do anything could then at least we can make it worseright and so our bodies switches off the muscle and response to the integrity to the muscleso they're not only are we bloated because we have information are my whole doesn't work effectivelynow or belly sticks out

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