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Hey everybody, it's Jo! I just got anemail the other day from someone named S.S. Could it be Sylvester Staloneéé He did sayhe was at work and injured his hip. Could it be doing stunts on a new movieéé Anyway,he did say he went to his and his told him he had an SI joint dysfunction. Sowhat we are going to talk about today is how to do some stretches to hopefully get yourpelvis back in alignment with your spine. That's what's going on with your SI joint.The SI stands for sacroiliac joint which is the sacrum, your spine, and the iliac, yourhips. So let's go ahead and lie down on your back, and we'll get started with some of thestretches. Now the key with this one is, you

need to go to your physical therapist or to find out which way your hip is rotated. Once they find that out, they can do the techniquethere, and then they can give you the exercises you need to continue to do. So this is whatwe are going to do to keep it in place after you have already gone to your therapist, andyou know what side it is, and they have already fixed it one time. So let's just say thatmight right hip has a posterior rotation. That is what you might hear from your therapist.So what you are going to do if it is on your right side, which means it's going back, youare going to put your left leg down. What you are going to do is you are going to bringyour right leg up in this position. You are

going to try to push up towards your chest,but what you are going to do is put your hand there, and push into your hand. So your legis actually not going to go anywhere. So the right leg is going to be pushing up towardsyou, and your left leg is going to be pushing down into the floor. At the same time, youpush down with your left leg and up with your right leg. Alright for 3 seconds you are goingto push as hard as you comfortably can without holding your breath. That's the key. If yourface starts turning red that means you're holding your breath. You don't want to dothat. So what I'm gonna do is I'm pushing down with my left leg, pushing up with myright leg as hard as I can without feeling

any increased pain in my back. Pressure isokay. You are going to do that 35 seconds, and do that 3 times. Once you get that done,You can bring both knees back up, then I'm going to have you grab a belt. What you aregoing to do is your going to put the belt around the front part of your legs. Wrap itup nice and tight, for Adrienne! Your going to hold it there, and what you are going todo this time is the same kind of concept except you are going to push out with both legs intothe belt. Almost like you are opening up like a clam shell, but the belt's not going tolet you go anywhere. So you can hold onto it if you need to if it is not a super tightbelt. Push out, push out, push out for 35

seconds as hard as you can. Remember, don'thold your breath. You have to be able to talk while you are doing it. Relax, and do that3 times in a row. Okay, push out as hard as you can. Push, push, push, push. And thenrelax. Alright, the next technique that I'm going to have you do is go the opposite direction.So I've got this handy dandy turtle here to help me out, but you can use a pillow, ifyou have a ball like a volleyball or basketball or anything like that, you can use that. Youcan even, if you have nothing else, use your hands inbetween. This is basically so yourknees squeezing your knees together. So you are going to put something in between yourknees. Same concept, squeezing in as hard

as you can. Push, push, push in while youare breathing, no holding your breath. 35 seconds, and you're going to do that 3 timesin a row. If you do that, and it's a true SI joint dysfunction, that will help slideit back into place, and there you go. Alright, there you have it. Those are some stretchesfor your SI joint dysfunction. Sly, if it really was you, call me, and make sure youclick the like button, and comment on how much you liked it. If you want to check outsome more exercises or if you want to see some educational tutorials, go to askjo And remember, be safe, have fun, and I hope ya'll get better soon!

Ultimate HIIT Workout for People Who Get Bored Easily Fat Burning HIIT Cardio Workout

Hey guys it's Kelli from Fitnessblender and today I have a HIIT workout for you for people who get bored easily sowe're going to be doing a different exercise for every single interval sothis should fly right by things could get interesting here I've included your warmup let's go aheadand get started alright so for our cardio warm up we'regoing to be doing 25 seconds of each of these exercises we're starting off niceand light just jogging in place so get your feet moving

so I'm not exactly sure how this isgonna go i haven't practiced this routine but we're going to be doing likeI said a different exercise for every single HIIT interval so, it could be fun, if you could ever call hit fun we'll seehow this goes so next up we're going to be doing ahigh knee march, so pulling up each knee one at a time get your arms in there too and pull up as you up as high as you can you won't need any equipment for this, so you can technically do this anywhere all right five seconds I'm going toswitch to a Buttkicker row

so right here nice and slow stillpulling your arms back and bring that foot up to kick yourself in the butt so we're warming up our arms our upperback and the front of the thighs five seconds I'm going to switch to twofront kicks so alternating out in front here one then the other bring your arms intoit if you like it's definitely a total body routine, hitting all of the muscle groups at some way or another here except for doing an

overhead stretch plus a toe touch so; windmill your arms up, stretch, andthen come down. Keep your back flat so you get a good stretch through yourlower back and the back your thighs come back up up next we're gonna be doing a walk down so walking your hands up one at a timeuntil you're full plank. Walk yourself back up. So this is good for warming upyour arms and again you're legs and the backs of your thighs

okay next up we have reverse lunges. Coming up niceand tall, back behind yourself drop down right between those two feet squeeze your glutes pull your cord next up, side lunges. so coming here you can go down to onefoot in the center so keep that leg that you're leaning away from straight this is gonna be tough, it's hot in heretoday not a good sign when you're sweating pretty good during the warm up!

we're going to pick up the pace a littlebit here the next we're going to do butt kickers fast this time so nice and light on your feet. Move asquickly as you can especially once you get warmed up, start pressing for speed. five seconds switch to squats, which we're going to be doing a lot of today so you want your feet aboutshoulderwidth apart and you're sinking down, sticking your butt out behindyou so that the majority of your weight

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