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Osteoarthritis ozone for osteoarthritis

Another promising therapy for knee osteoarthritis…next Ozone Injections Promising in Knee OsteoarthritisLaird Harrison writing for Medscape reported, an ozone injection into the knee can soothepain and improve quality of life for people with knee osteoarthritis, a randomized controlledtrial suggests. quot;When I saw the results I was very surprised,quot;said Virginia Fernandes Moça Trevisani, PhD, from the Federal University of Sao Paulo,who presented the finding at the American College of Rheumatology Annual Meeting.Ozone appears to inhibit prostaglandins and cytokines and reduce oxidative stress, shetold Medscape Medical News.

It has been used in Europe for many yearsin the treatment of cancer, AIDS, caries, rheumatoid arthritis, and a variety of otherailments. However, it is not approved for al use in Brazil or in the United States,and the only studies in osteoarthritis have been case reports, Trevisani explained.Comment: the results were surprisingly good.

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