Fibromyalgia And Sciatica Nerve Pain

Best Stretches for Sciatica

Hello I'm Heather Moore owner ofTotal Performance Physical Therapy. Today we're going to go over the best exercisesfor sciatica. There's really one main stretch that you can do a bunch of different waysif you're getting numbness and tingling down your leg, if you'r e getting pain throughyour back, in your butt you should do this stretch multiple times throughout the day,when you do it you want to try and hold it for about 30 seconds, you want to try andperform 6 repetitions if you can't do it for that long that's okay hold it for as longas you can, if for any reason these are going to increase your pain you need to stop immediatelyand call your but this should alleviate

a lot of your body pain specially if you aresitting for a long period of time or you get a lot of pain down your leg. The first oneis in the seated position you want to sit up nice and straight, you want to cross yourankle over your knee if you feel a stretch there that's where you need to stop, if youdon't feel a stretch there all you wann do is sit up and lean forward and you shouldfeel a greater stretch through your butt, through your hamstring which is in the backof your leg and through the side of your leg, you may even feel a little bit on your backdepending on where your tight is again this shouldn't hurt and should feel like a goodstretch, you could do this sitting at your

desk all day long, you also want to make surethat you concentrate on both sides not just the side that hurts, piriformis muscle whichis what this is stretching on both sides and will tag evenly on your sacrum or your tailbone so you want to make sure that you do both sides and not just one. The next wayto do this stretch is standing up, you want to find a surface where you can put your leg,your hip at about 90 degrees and you're going to bring your foot up and you're just goingto have it lay on the table and you're going to let your knee drop to the side, if yourknee doesn't fall all the way down that's okay, don't force it down let it just staythere again if you get, if you're in this

position and you don;t feel a stretch youcan now begin to lean forward, you're going to feel the stretch in your back, in yourglut, in your hamstring and all the side of your leg, this should not be painful it shouldfeel like a nice stretch this one also you want to do 30 seconds hold about 6 repetitionsand you want to make sure that you hit both sides. The final way to do this stretch islaying down, so you want to lay on your back and this is a good thing to do when you getup in the morning, go ahead and bend both your knees up and then you're going to crossyour ankle over your knee, now again if this is where you feel a stretch stop right thereand hold it, if you don't feel a stretch in

this position you're going to reach both armsbehind this leg and you're going to pull it up towards your chest, you should feel a stretchagain in the back, in the glut, in the hamstring or maybe even on the side of the leg, it shouldnot hurt it should feel like a nice gentle stretch, you want to hold this about 30 secondsand you want to do about 6 of those you can do this as many times during the day as youwould like there is no set number or times that you can do this, anytime your tight youcan do this and it will not harm you.

Fibromyalgia Patient With Severe Leg Pain Reviews Bellevue Chiropractor

My name is Elaine. Hi Elaine, how did youfeel before you came iné Before I came in I was in extraordinary pain, my right footwas completely numb; at night time the pain was so intense it felt as if there were knivesbeing stabbed into the front of my toe and when I stepped on my foot it felt like a taserhad hit the bottom of my foot, so I essentially couldn't walk. I had fibromyalgia, severemigraines, severe pain and I was a mess. Okay, so before coming in what did you tryé Prettymuch everything, I've been to four s and the emergency room, I was on a nerve medicationto help with the pain, I was just desperate, I was taking medicine and it was doing nothing;it wasn't helping the pain. That's why I was

concerned; I was taking a nerve medicine andthe nerve ;pain was extraordinary, and my foot was getting numb and my whole leg startedgetting numb, all the way up to my calf and I was really afraid; nobody could help meit seemed. And what has your experience with Polzin been likeé Amazing. My husband,because we were desperate, got online and searched until he found hope; what he feltwas hope, because it looks like this like neurology, nutrition, everything. They takethe whole program and it looks like they have something that we can try, let's go in andhave this fellow evaluate you. And it's like 'okay, we'll try it', but I wasn't really,I thought I was done, I thought my leg was

done, it hurt so bad I didn't even want iton my body anymore. And how do you feel nowé So much better! My foot's not numb, it doesn'tswell up and get all red when I lay in the sun, when I put it in hot water, like he hasthis coldhot therapy, it would blow up but it doesn't do that anymore. I can feel mytoes, I can walk! I'm gleeful, I feel like a miracle has taken place. I have feelingin my foot; my left leg was normal temperature, my right leg was ten degrees to eleven degreescolder than my left, and it's pretty much the same temperature now, really close. Idon't have a gauge to tell exactly but, I'm pretty happy! We're so happy for you! Me tooand my hubby!

How to Treat Fibromyalgia Living Pain Free With DRHOS

Hi I'm Ho, if you like my content, pressthe button below to subscribe. Now how do you treat fibromyalgiaéOver theyears I've treated many fibromyalgia patients, now the good thing to know is with a littlehelp, okay, with some selftherapy, you can go a long way to feeling better and livingbetter. Now be assured fibromyalgia is not a disease,it is a dysfunction of your muscles, of the soft tissue, and of your nerves, okay, soif you can relax the nerves, get the blood circulation better, okay, and relieve thepain, you can live much better. Now, follow of these rules.

First of all, you got to get your body moving,I know when you're in pain you don't feel like moving but you need to do some regulardaily exercise, gentle movement that allows your whole body to move, I suggest you tryyoga, swimming, walking, okay, gentle stretching, any basic body movement exercise will be goodfor you, okay. So, stretching, you know and doing exercisefirst thing in the morning, before you go to bed, if you have a stationary job or ifyou sit a lot, get up frequently to just move yourself okay, we don't move and the musclebecomes tighter, the blood and the nerve circulation becomes impeded, you have more pain.

So movement is the key. Now second, you got to reduce any food thatmay cause or retain the inflammation, so I suggest you reduce your meat intake, try tocut out processed food, no deep fried food, okay try to reduce or not take any alcohol,and dairy products, very important. Now, do increase foods that help to reduceyour inflammation, such as two large servings of green leafy vegetables, slightly cookedis the best, have lots of fruits, two to three servings of fruits a day, and drink lots ofwater, because that has a self cleansing property, that's important so eating right and not eatingthe wrong food is also important okay.

Third, you need to do some home therapy, Ihighly suggest you get yourself a TENS unit, a TENS unit, a good TENS unit can help torelax the muscles, improve the circulation of the blood and of the nerve circulationand to relieve the pain, that's one of the most important things you can do is to relieveyour pain before you go to bed so you can sleep properly alright so get yourself a TENSunit. Now there are many alternative therapies youcan try, you can also try chiropractic treatment, acupuncture treatment, physical therapy, andmassage, they can all help to relax your muscle, relive your pain, allow you to have a betterlife.

Now, some of you may be on different medication,pain killers, antiinflammatory, and sleeping pills, okay, you should follow your 'srecommendation but be aware, with prolonged use of all those medications, they do haveill side effects, so watch out for the sideeffects, if you have any side effects, speak to your about it to make changes accordingly, okay, now by following those simple rules,your pain can be much reduced, you can get better sleep, and not only that, get deepersleep so your body can restore itself okay so remember that. Gentle exercise, proper diet, home therapy,and make sure you get sleep, okay all that

together can allow you to live better, sleepbetter, and be a happier person. Thank you for watching my show, if you likethe content press the button below to subscribe.

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