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Welcome to health care at home In our previous episode we were talking about Sciatica pain As i told you earlier that if you are suffering from Sciatica pain , you have to take hot compress. The compress i am telling you is Hot Cold compress. Hot compress sooth the tensed nerves cold compress sooth the swelled nerves. Take a bucket of water water put rock slt in it and prepare this bucket. And take normal water in second bucket take 2 towels Dip the towel with the hot water and squeeze it now put the towel to the problem area cover it.

till the time you keep feel the warmth , let the towel be on your body. Now dip the towel in to cold water squeeze it then put it on the problem area. do this remedy for half n hour and within this time you will get relief. Don't take the cold compress if you have circulatory problem. Along with this let me tell you a remedy. whenever you take milk put 810 chopped garlic cloves. put them at the time of heating the milk then consume it. and you will notice that you will get relief in sciatica pain Along with this taking proper nap is necessary as in with proper nap your muscles sooth your sciatica nerve will be relaxed.

make sure that you sleep in dark, means there should be no artificial lights in the room. if you will sleep in the dark room then too your sciatica pain will be relieved. Let me tell you a oil, take 1 cup sesame oil add 3 big spoon of nutmeg powder. and heat it nicely on the low flame after heating up, once its Luke warm then massage it with this oil. Massage with this oil on the problem area and you will be relived. Now, let us talk about what to eaté Eat lots of banana Eat Spinach, Green Peas Dry fruits

Taking honey lemon juice is also very helpful in sciatica pain. What you have to do is Take 1 glass water, put 2 spoon honey squeeze a lemon in it . Use this water 2 times in a day as its very helpful in sciatica pain. Along with this take 250gm of Parijat leaves . put them into 1 litre water and boil them thoroughly when the water is reduces to 34 or 750 ml then then strain the water and keep it into glass bottle add a pinch of saffron and mix it nicely.

Now take 11 cup of this water in morning evening. you will be relived from the sciatica pain. Acupuncture woks well in sciatica pain. if you will take acupuncture treatment from any good acupuncturist. then you will get maximum relief in the sciatica pain. Let me tell you another remedy, Take 150 gm of Carrot potato . wash , peel them and take their juice. this will be almost 1 glass of juice. Now take this juice in the morning. Do this remedy for 2 months you will get relief in the sciatica pain.

Let me tell you an external remedy, take a handful of fenugreek seeds powder mix it in a glass of milk and cook them. cook it till the time it turns into a thick paste. Once the paste is ready then take some amount of it and apply this on the problem area after applying the paste thoroughly let it apply it for 1 hour and then wash it off as this will give you relief in the sciatica pain.

Spine Academy Diagnostic Testing and Back Pain Treatment

As part of Orthopedic Associates of CentralMaryland, the Spine Academy focuses on finding the cause of your neck or back pain and determiningthe best course of treatment. There are different areas where a nerve canbe pinched. So if you're having pain coming down to your hand, it just doesn't have tobe coming from a pinched nerve in your neck. It can be up in your elbow. It can be at yourwrist. So it's really important for the to really thoroughly examine you in additionto listen to what can provoke your symptoms before making a real accurate diagnosis. Our thorough evaluation of your conditionmay include advanced diagnostic tests, such

as our onsite electromyography, EMG, nervetesting to ensure we know the origin and extent of any spinal injury. It's a test that looks first to see how theperipheral nerves, or the nerves in your arms or legs, how well they're conducting electricalsignal. And that's compared to a set of normal values. The next part, the actual needle portion,which is the true electromyography proportion, looks to see if there's any damage from thenerve to the muscle. And that gives us an idea of where the nerve is damaged. Is itdamaged higher up in your neck or backé Or

is it being damaged at more common placesperipherally, such as your wrist, your elbow, or on the harder part of your kneeé Primarily, you're looking at it for carpaltunnel versus a pinched nerve in your neck. A couple other locations where it tries todetermine is whether or not it's a pinched nerve at your elbow versus a neck. Is it apinched nerve at the outer part of your knee versus your low backé Or if it's your lowback versus something called a tarsal tunnel syndrome, which is a nerve at the middle partof your ankle. Those are the primary reasons to be getting an EMG nerve conduction study.

Our goal is to speed your recovery, eliminateyour pain, and to maximize your function. We diagnose and treat conditions of the lowerback, lumbar spine and SI joint, upper back, thoracic spine, and neck, cervical spine. Call 4106441880 or request an appointmentonline for superior service and quality care by the orthopedic surgeons, podiatrists, physicalmedicine and rehabilitation s, and physical therapists at Orthopedic Associates of CentralMaryland.

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