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Hey y'all, it's Jo and my assistantwith me today is Bailey again. And today I'm going to be talking about your piriformis.So lots of times I hear people say they've got that sciatic nerve, well actually everybodyhas a sciatic nerve, but you can have pain coming from that nerve, and a lot of timesthat piriformis muscle is causing the pain. So we're gonna show you some stretches tostretch out your piriformis and hopefully get rid of that sciatic nerve pain. Alrightlet's go on to our backs. Here we go. I think we're gonna maybe move Bailey out of the way.In the first stretch for your piriformis is a pretty simple one. A lot of pictures youmay get from your therapist will actually

show one leg down, I actually like for youto have it staying up so you can prop your foot over it. So your gonna make almost likea figure 4 with your legs and then what you're gonna do, the side that's hurting, so my leftside is hurting, I'm gonna cross that leg over. And what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna bringmy knee with my opposite hand towards my shoulder over here. So I'm pulling this leg up and acrossmy body. And what you wanna do same kind of thing with all the stretches, you wanna pulland you wanna feel a stretch under there. Soon as you feel a really good stretch youwanna hold it for 30 seconds. So remember up and across the body. Just coming up isnot gonna get that piriformis stretch. But

coming up and across the body like I'm tryingto bring that knee towards my shoulder. Holding it there for about 30 secondsa real 30 seconds.And then coming back down and you wanna do that 3 times. Now the next one to do, sometimesthis is a little harder for people, but what your gonna do is your gonna keep that samefigure 4, and what your gonna do is your gonna take your hands and on the opposite side thatit's hurting, so the hurting side is still up crossed over it's still my left side. I'mgonna take my hands and put them underneath my thigh, and I'm gonna bring my leg up, andI'm gonna pull until I feel that stretch underneath there. Now some people might have a hard timegrabbing on to their leg here, so again you

can use your belt, or your dog leash and putit under, around your leg, and pull up towards you like this. Same kind of thing, you wantto hold that stretch for 30 secondsbye Bailey, we'll see you later and then 3 times each.Alright, so now you're gonna bring that down getting it nice and stretched. For those ofyou that need a stronger stretch, those might not be stretching it out quite as much, whatI'm gonna have you do is I'm gonna have you turn over. And what your gonna do is the sidethat's hurt again, my left side, I'm gonna bring my leg up across. Now as you can see,this is something you have to be pretty high level, pretty flexible to do, but it's gonnaget a fantastic stretch. So your gonna put

your knee over across your body, and bringyour body down. So it's almost that same concept, you're bringing that knee towards the oppositeshoulder, but what you're doing now, is you're using your body weight to bring it down. Youcan stretch that back leg as far as you can. You can bring your arms down, but that kneeis essentially going towards that opposite shoulder. 30 second stretch, 3 times each.Alright and there you have it. Those were your piriformis stretches. So if you had somepressure on that sciatic nerve, hopefully that will loosen it up a little bit. So ifyou like my hair, or if you like the stretches, please click quot;likequot; and leave me a comment.And if you'd like to see some more stretch

tutorials, or if you'd like to go see some educationaltutorials, please go to AskJo . And remember, Be Safe. Have Fun. And I hope youget to feeling better y'all!.

DRHOS Circulation Promoter Instructional Tutorial

Hi The circulation promoter is fantastic for treating anyone with foot pain, any kind of problems with your lower limb. In fact, for your entire body. But for the lower limb, this is especially an excellent device for treating yourself If you suffer with poor circulation or nerve damage from diabetic neuropathy if you have polio if you had a stroke

if you have sciatic nerve problem from the herniated disc from your lower back that causes pain down your leg, this device is fantastic. But for those of who got bad circulation, this is a musthave. Especially if you suffer from diabetes. Diabetic neuropathy can be fatal because loss of sensation in your legs, and any kind of cut in your feet, as a result of not knowing what you're stepping on

can cause infection and obviously very serious problems So it's very important to use this on a regular basis to keep the circulation flowing in your limb. Not only that, to wake up the nerves to activate the nerves, so that the sensation comes back So that your motor functions like the muscle functions

becomes normalized so that you have the power so you can have the coordination so that you can live a healthy life. By using this, I believe it can keep you functioning better, so that you can stay active. And that is very important. Now, my circulation promoter is very different than others

The main reasons are the following. One, it is powered by the technology of the pain therapy machine. This device is known, and scientifically proven to help relax your muscles, relieve your pain, and promote circulation. We have al studies that proves it. There may be devices out there that mimic our type of stimulation but they do not have the proof that it really works. So I urge you, stick to things that are really proven.

This is important for your health. Now, another thing that is special about this is, it's much more powerful. Because the power that comes from this unit, there's nothing else. This little device can be more powerful than the plug in units we use in the . And the fact that using this unit allows this entire system to be totally portable because it operates on batteries. There's a little box in here that holds, that houses the batteries. Because this operated in batteries, you can use this anywhere. You can use it in your house; any room in your house

Canadian Massage Conference Head Neck and Back Pain Rarely an Isolated Phenomenon David Kent

{\rtf1\ansi\ansicpg1252\cocoartf1038\cocoasubrtf360{\fonttbl\f0\froman\fcharset0 TimesNewRomanPSMT;} {\colortbl;\red255\green255\blue255;}{\info {\author DK}}\margt1530\vieww33280\viewh20780\viewkind1\viewscale200\pard\tx560\tx1120\tx1680\tx2240\tx2800\tx3360\tx'20\tx4480\tx5040\tx5600\tx6160\tx6720\ql\qnatural\pardirnatural \f0\fs24 \cf0 Hello I am David Kent and Iwould like to invite you to join me at the Canadian Massage and Chiropractic Conferencebeing held October 1214 in beautiful Niagara Falls, Canada at The Sheraton On The FallsConference Centre Casino. \ \One of the many classes I will be teaching is entitled: Head, Neck and Back Pain: Rarelyan Isolated Phenomenon. These are the three

most common complaints I treat in my .During this 3 hour class I will cover tips for assessment, palpation, anatomy, treatmentand patient education. \ \Did you know surveys indicate a high percentage of head, neck and back pain sufferers arefrustrated with ineffective medical treatmenté Sadly, many people spend their day consumedwith the \'93symptom\'94 they call pain. Are you looking for empowering ways to educateyour patientsé Would it be helpful to learn tips to show patients how their pain is notan isolated phenomenon and how your treatments helpé Are you seeking strategies for marketingto s, chiropractors and other health

care providersé Where do start when the patientis too tender to touché Please join me to learn effective ways to educate your patients\'92of the effects of poor posture, myofascial trigger points and restricted rangeofmotionin causing their pain. I will take you on an anatomy journey through the body usingunembalmed dissection tutorial clips prior to demonstrating handson treatment techniquesfor head, neck and back pain. I am practicing therapist and I look forward to sharing manylogical systems, which are based on research and have been refined over the past two decades,in my . \ \Please join me, David Kent, and register for

my class Head, Neck and Back Pain: Rarelyan Isolated Phenomenon at the Canadian Massage and Chiropractic Conference being held October1214 in Niagara Falls, Canada. You can register online at Canadian Massage Conference and stay up to date at facebook canadian massage conference \\ If you are not attending please call my officeinternationally at 386.574.5600 \'85with the United states 888.574.5600 so we can answeryour questions. You can always learn more online at KentHealth and visit usat Facebook KentHealth. \ \I am David Kent, and look forward to seeing


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