Sciatica And Bladder Cancer

Bowel Bladder and Pelvic Pain Program Middlesex

Physicaltherapy for the pelvic floor consists of a group of exercisesto a small group of muscles that actually sit within our pelvis. My analogy is, quot;Your legs are two trees, quot;and your pelvic floor is the hammock quot;that's attached to the two trees.quot; If your hammock gets weak,or your trees are weak, there's not good support for the bladder,

so some people develop some incontinence. We work on strengtheningthe trees and the hammock of the pelvic floor and hipsto help decrease symptoms of any forms ofincontinence or pelvic pain. When you're just talking aboutany type of incontinence, once the patient can find those muscles and start exercising them,they usually see results pretty quickly, within four to six visits.

Pelvic pain itself is across the board. You can have somebody asyoung as their early twenties having some pelvic pain,and you can have people into their sixties andseventies that have pelvic pain. There are exercises, andthey're all very simple, to help correct dysfunction in thepelvic floor, to improve pelvic pain, to improveincontinence, and with that, you improve your overallhealth and your mobility,

because it's all interrelated,so we don't just treat people with weaknessin their pelvic floor. It involves hip muscles.It involves back muscles. It involves balance. It involves mobility. When you get improvementsin your pelvic health, your overall health is improved.

Sciatica and Lower Back Pain

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