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Welcome to health care at home One of our viewer Ms. Mariyam Wahid She has written that she is suffering from Sciatica pain asking for its remedy. See, first of all let us understand what is Sciaticaé Sciatica is the biggest nerve of our body. Which begins from the lower part of our body And it goes till the lower part of our feet via moves around thighs. When there is a swelling in this nerve or any injury occurs or if there is any damage then that pain is called sciatica pain.

Most likely this pain happen due to spinal injury or slip disk Now, let me tell you that what you have to do when you are suffering from Sciatica pain. First of all do not lift any weight, specifically heavy weight. Secondly, some of the people bend their self when they sit. Don't bend yourself, keep your spinal cord straight always if you have sciatica pain. So, let me tell you a remedy for this pain. What you have to do is. Take 1 spoon Turmeric powder add little bit of clarified butter mix it and prepare the paste and put it on the side.

Take a glass of Milk, put 1 piece of Cinnamon let the milk to have a proper boil. When the milk is boil nicely then add mixture of turmeric powder clarified butter and mix it. Now the milk which contains Cinnamon, Turmeric powder clarified butter is ready. Now strain the milk and consume this milk twice a time in a day. if you will do this remedy for 34 months then you will start getting relief in sciatica pain. Along with this let me tell you an another remedy. Take 4 garlic leaves 12 spoon Onion Seeds Nigellia seeds Mix them and make their chutney

eat this chutney and had water after that , do this remedy 2 times in a day. Do this remedy for 23 months and you will start getting relief in sciatica pain. Now this was about what to eaté Now let me share that with which you have to do massage. symptoms of Sciatica pain is that you feel sensation and numbness. It normally happens to the age group between 3050 the pain begins from waist and move on till feet create problem in sitting, moving walking. Let me tell you a oil to use at this time. Take Mustard oil put 810 smashed garlic cloves and let them burn

when the cloves get burn then strain the oil Massage your problem area with the luke warm oil You will notice that it will give you relief in sciatica pain. If you will do a compress then it will give you good results So, in the next episode i will tell you that massage along with some amazing remedies. Rest our wish is only that you stay healthy, busy, carefree and be with us. And to meet us you have to subscribe this channel. Tell to your friends relatives To subscribe this channel. Get the health benefits by sitting at home.

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Visit Theale Wellbeing Centre for back pain treatment, foot care and a wide range of complementary therapies My name is Michael Palfrey and I've been an Osteopath for the last 20 years I qualified from the British school of Osteopathy in 1994 I was inspired to become an osteopath by my uncle who was also an osteopath practicing in South Wales I was visiting him and my cousins on one occasion and I damaged my ankle and he offered me some treatment which fixed the ankle very rapidly and that was the moment which I decided osteopathy was for me. Our vision for Theale Wellbeing Centre was to provide

a broad range of complementary andalternative therapies the idea being to encourage and improve people's wellbeing as far as we can in a very caring friendly and professional way the main challenge was to raise theawareness of the practice to get the word out on the street that we were here and that we were able to to help peoplewith a very broad range of conditions the number therapies we've got in thepractice allows us to treat a lot of different conditions and the key thing was to make local people, local GPs and the wider world aware of what we're able to do.

The general perception of osteopathy and other complementary therapies is steadily improving people have in the past been quite skeptical of the services we offer but more and more we're being accepted into the mainstream The therapists we have here allvery very wellqualified some of them have twentyplus yearsexperience in their field and therefore we practice evidencebased medicine as far as we possibly can and we aim to do so in a in a safe and caring environment where people can trust us to provide the best possible care. We're very used to dealing with patients who are in pain

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