Sciatic Notch X Ray

Spine Surgery Robbin Hallford Texas Back Institute Plano Texas

My name is Robbin Hallford. I'm ascience teacher and a yoga instructor and a 48yearold mother of 3sons. I had a 360 degreefusion of my L4, L5 in March 2011 and MichaelDuffy was my surgeon. Several of us went to pick up a big roll of tarp and as I was picking it up, I felt somethingin my back shift and I went to stand up and went to walk and when I went to move my left leg, it drug, my left leg just drug the ground.

So I went and checked around and called MichaelDuffy at Texas Back and went in and he looked at the MRI, he goes, I can tell you right now this is going to be a surgical repairbut we need to see if anything else will help first. We finally got to the point to where itwas you know we've got to do something the nervedamage is going to be permanent if we don't and so we did the 360fusion around the lumbar 4 and 5.

He was very good about being very up front, he was very honest with me about what to expect. Because I certainly don't recommend surgeryfor everybody, nor do I think surgery is always the answer, but in my situation there was nothing left. And he had told me prior to the surgery, quot;We might be able to reduce your pain byabout 70%.quot; I have no pain. I teach power yoga

and I teach something called yin yoga and they're two very opposite, power is very active, very mobile and moving a lot, and yin it's holding poses for longer periods of time. I do more now than I did when Iwas 20 years old. I am stronger now and this helped me to be able to keep that, to be able to do that. I got the life back that I wanted.

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