Sciatic Nerve Damage Tourniquet

KT Tape Carpal Tunnel

This next technique is for Carpal Tunnelwhich is is a compression as the nerves and bloodvessels travel into the hand at the wrist and the first piece we're going to tear off there is some cuttingrequired, I'm going to fold the tape right at the lower portion of the K Logo We're going to cut two small holes in the tape

As I open the tape up, this is what the holeswould look like from here I'll tear the paper backing off the anchor point and I'll have you bring your wrist into fullextension, or as far as is comfortable you can use your other hand to hold that stretch and this is the position so actually first lets run

your two middle fingers through those holesthere being careful and I'm laying this anchor point down on this side of the hand, the back side and now we're going to place your hand in a stretch and with no tension on the tape I'm now just tkaing the paper off and laying that tape down

and watching out for creases you can relax the wrist, and you should seeas you flex the wrist some wrinkling of the tape at the wrist. and for added technique to this we can use the a use the same Istrip, again I'm folding

the lowerportion by the K cuttin two small holes tearing that paper off and this time we're going to again, the same two fingers, we're going toapply the tape on the back side I'm laying this down and anchoring I'm just going to rub that on, making sure there are no creases

now we're going to flex your wrist as I go ahead and lay that tape down again, no tension make sure that's adhering and for a third piece this requires no cutting we'll tear in the middle of the tape and with

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