Piriformis Sciatica Tennis Ball

How to massage your trapezius and neck with a ball Massage Monday 145

This week I'll show you a way to massage yourown shoulder specifically upper trapezius or traps with a tennis ball or lacrosse ball.Either one works but use a tennis ball for softer pressure because it gives and lacrosseball for harder pressure because it doesn't give. Since I always like a hard pressureI'll demonstrate with the lacrosse ball. Stand in front of the wall. Place the ballbetween you and the wall, and lean against it. You can move side to side or up and downby bending your knees. Trapezius muscle actually goes all the wayto the base of the skull over the neck muscles. You can lower yourself further to massagethe neck area but the knees and thighs start

to burn so it's better to reposition the ballhigher and massage in a comfortable position. To increase the pressure even more, use thesupported thumb of the other side and press the front of the shoulder muscle against the ball.

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