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Yoga For Headaches

What's up my friendsé Welcome to Yoga withAdriene. I'm Adriene. Sorry you have a headache. Let's do some yoga to try to help you feelbetter. All right, so we're going to begin in a comfortableseat. I recommend, since we're going for a nurturing practice here, maybe lifting thehips up on a blanket here, like so. You can also sit up on a pillow or a block or a book.It's not necessary. You can even do this part in a chair. But just take a second to getinto a comfortable seat, because we're going to begin with my number one headache remedy,which is a little Pranayama, alternate nostril breathing, which we have a tutorial for as wellthat I'll link you to. But I'll take you through

the steps here, since we're here now, together.We'll take the hand out in front and we're just going to take the three middle fingersand draw them in towards the palm. Then I will sit up nice and tall. Take a deep breathin and a long breath out. I'm going to begin with Nadi Shodhana, alternate nostril breathing.So, I'll bring the thumb to the right nostril. You can keep your eyes open to check me out,and then once you feel like you get the rhythm, we'll close the eyes and just kind of softenthe skin of the face a little bit here. So Nadi Shodhana, alternate nostril breathing,we bring the right thumb to the right nostril. I'm going to take a deep breath in throughthe left nostril. After the inhale at the

top, I'm going to bring my right pinkie nowto plug the left nostril as I breathe out through the right. So, I'm alternating inand out. Now I'll inhale in through the right nostril. Pause at the top. Alternate. Andbreathe out through the left nostril. Inhale in through the left. Pause at the top, resealthe left nostril and switch out through the right. So, if this is new to you and you'relike, quot;I have a headache, I can't learn anything new right now. I'm so frustrated,quot; I understand.I'm just going to meet you at the pass with that. So, drop the hands for a second, takea deep breath in and exhale. Shake it out. And we try again. So, each time we're inhaling,we're switching to the alternate nostril and

then we're exhaling. Each time we exhale,we'll inhale through that same nostril. This breath, this Pranayama practice, especiallyonce you get the hang of it, is so calming, so cooling, really great for headaches andreally wonderful particularly for sinus headaches. We're going to address a couple of differentkinds of headaches, the sinus headaches, tension headaches, stress. But let's begin again,a little alternate nostril breathing and we'll have a separate tutorial for migraines, but ifyou're really already feeling that pounding headache, really splitting your moment intwo, you might just do this alternate nostril breathing and then save the rest of the tutorialfor later.

So, here we go. A couple of more passes. I'llclose the eyes this time maybe. And inhale, in through the left nostril, sealing the right.Pause and switch. Exhale out through the right. Inhale, in through the right. Switch. Outthrough the left. Deep inhale, in through the left. Pause and switch. Long exhale, outthrough the right. Sit up nice and tall. Inhale deeply through the right. Pause, switch andseal out through the left. Inhale in through the left. Pause, switch, seal and out throughthe right. Deep inhale in through the right nostril. And switch, and out through the left.We'll continue in just a couple of moments on your own.

Let's do one more pass, seeing if we can extendthe inhalation and exhalation a little more. Finish it out wherever you are. Even it outif you must and then we'll find what feels good as we release the hands and take a secondto just breathe in and out through both nostrils. Sit up nice and tall. Relax the skin of theface. Close your eyes, you don't need to look at the tutorial here. I gotcha. See if you canalign your head over your heart and your heart over the pelvis or the base of the spine here.So, just bring a little consciousness into the body. Then nice and easy, we'll draw theshoulders up towards the ears on a big breath in. And on an exhale, draw the shoulder bladesin and together and down for your release.

Tension Headache Relief with Simple Stretches Ask Jo

Oh man, I've got a headache, and it feelsthis big! Hey everybody, it's Jo. Today I am going to show you some simple exercisesand stretches if you have a tension headache. Let's get started. To start off, you wantto just loosen up those neck muscles. You can do some active range of motion. Simplyjust start by turning your head like you are looking back behind you. Hold it for about23 seconds, come back the other way looking behind you. Hold it there 23 seconds, comingback. You can to that 510 times. Then taking your ear towards your shoulder. It's not bringingyour shoulder up to your ear, keep your shoulder down if you can. Come down to the side, holdit for 35 seconds, and then come back the

other way. Hold it about 35 seconds or 23seconds, do whatever you can. Then you want to tuck your chin in towards your chest, andthen look up towards the ceiling. So same thing, just a couple seconds hold on eachone, going back and forth. That will loosen up those muscles a little bit. Now if that'snot quite enough, if your not feeling much stretch with that, then put a little pressureover it and now you want to told it for a little bit longer, so maybe 1015 seconds.And then do each direction. I had a little pop in my neck, that's a good thing. Holdingit for 1015 seconds, a little more if you want to. Then push your chin a little bitto the side. If you have chin problems, use

your had to the whole side of the head insteadof just the chin. Then back the other way. Probably with up and down you don't reallyneed any pressure. The next one is to actually start activating the muscles a little bit.So this is an isometric muscle activation. Basically your just pushing into your hand.So if I was going to look down with my chin, I'm going to put my hand on my forehead, andpush down like I'm trying to take my chin down. You don't want to push super hard, justa little bit to start off with. Hold it about 35 seconds, and do about 3 of those. Andthen you can do the same thing by putting your hand behind your head, and push backlike you are doing this motion, but my hand

is stopping me from doing that motion. I'mpushing into my hand. Then pushing on the side. So I would be doing that motion, andthen back the other way. Relaxing. And then, I'd be turning this way in that directionand pushing into my hand. Holding about 35 seconds. After you do all that, then you canstart loosening up the shoulders just a little bit. So you can do shoulder shrugs, about10 of those. Coming up and down and just a little pause up at the top. It doesn't haveto be too long, and then after those ten, then you can do some circles. Ten one way,and then reverse it, for the Australians going the opposite direction. You can do some shouldersqueezes. So you're taking your shoulder blades

and trying to push them together. Squeezingin, hold about 35 seconds for this one, and come back. Do ten of those. The last one isgoing to be some chin tucks, so I am going to show you how to do it lying down. Now forthe chin tucks, roll up a a nice squishy towel to give you a target. When I say chin tucks,I don't mean bringing your chin down to your chest. Actually pushing your chin downwards.So the towel gives you the target to take those neck muscles and push them down. Letyour head rest against the ground, and your pushing down that way. So the chins goingdown, holding it for about 35 seconds and then coming up. Not going down towards yourchest. Do that about 10 times. Those were

some stretches and exercises for tension headaches.If you have any questions, leave them in the comments section. If you would like to checkout some other tutorials, go to askjo . Don't forget to follow me on Facebook andTwitter. Remember be safe, have fun, and I hope you feel better soon!.

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