Sciatica Treatment Hot Or Cold Packs

Lower Back Ice Pack ProIce Lower Back Ice Wraps PI 700 PI 720 PI 740

Lower Back Ice Pack Pro Ice, The Best LowBack Ice Wraps On The Planet. Pro Ice Wraps deliver professional therapeutic icing andcompression to the lower back like no other ice wrap on the market. The unique, patented,window pane design of the proice cryoblanket hugs the body to provide custom type fit tothe lower back for the target treatment area and maintains a consistent temperature forup to an hour. It delivers maximum therapeutic effectiveness by cooling the lower back throughall four stages of icing. When most other ice wraps only reach stage one or two. Touse, simply remove the proice cryoblanket from the freezer or insulated cooler bag andslip it into the nylon pouches inside the

wrap. Place the wrap over the lower back areaand secure the compression straps to your comfort. Get your proice lower back ice packfor acute and chronic pain, during or after the game. For post surgical and rehab applicationsto reduce pain and swelling. For schools and college teams and workplace accidents andprevention, and at home, ProIce Lower back ice wraps are better than the rest. ProIce,The Best Lower Back Ice Packs On The Planet.

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