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TVB Hong Kong Marcus Gadau Interview

Hello. My name is Marcus Gadau and I am from Germany.

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Left hammy is a lot harder than your righthammy. ACL was replaced on that one. So do you have a good story to go with thaté Itwas football. There wasn't a whole 5 million dollar contract going with that. Having somefun in college. Raise that right leg for me, put it down, left leg. Down. Let's try thatagain, right side. Good, left side, perfect. So what I use, can I have that small tip,here we go. So most of the time I use the instrument but not all of the time. I see how you do it now. And I use the higher frequency for the cervical. I think 16 times a second and then I use the lower frequency one down if I am in the thoracic.

Ok. You have thattypical lower thoracic issue with most Chiropractors get huhé Yep. Let's turn you over to yourback. I am going to sit you straight up on the table. I am going to use this right here.Ok let's bring you back. All the way back. Let's take your hands and put them up behind your head and lock your fingers together. Hold on to your head but relax everythingelse for me. Alright let's take you back up here. Go ahead and lie flat for me. That cushionis a little bit softer than mine too. Do you have a wood dowel in here that you use foryour hand at allé For the armsé Yeah or for your hand. Nope my hand. Just like that.

Alright let's bring you back up here and face that chair for me. So this is first right here. Sometimes I will bring that clavicle back like a MVA. Seatbelt locks up. Yeah. Alright. Awesome. Good to go. Thank you.

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