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Lymph Drainage Breast Massage Therapy Technique How To Athena Jezik Psychetruth

Life Wisdom. Psychetruth. Massage. This is Athena Jezik and the last time we did a lymphatic drainage for the breasts that got a lot of very good comments and probablyraised some questions so we're going to go through this againand I'll show it to you a little bit

more detailed. There's ways you can do this on yourselfas well so I might be able to show you some of that but you want to start byopening up the clavical area and the neck chain. And just make sure that that is open. And then draining the axillary area which is under the armpits. Here where you will

lift upward And you can feel the nodes in there. You don't dig in with your fingers. You want to keep very flat palms doing that. And just make sure that that's going. Okay

and we are working from the floor whichmakes it a little more challenging So I'm gonna start on this side so you can see the toptop working from midline upward and over and down and over pressing like so so.

A little skin stretching around. This side is gonna be a hidden from view as I get but I will get the other side and under moving your hands around opening up the node underneath and working upward. And then you can go through it again. And this direction

and up into the axillary pressing upward and inward and then draining it there. Now there is a way, called mapping where you can feel if the flow is going right and all that is doing the right thingso the fluids are moving in the proper direction and take your hand around.

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