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Sciatica and Awesome Chiropractic Care

Hi, I'm Robert Moore at Awesome Chiropractic.I'm here to talk to you about sciatica. Sciatica is problem that a lot of people have, theydon't have to have this problem or live with this problem. I see people who've had surgeryor a lot of aggravation because of it and it's not necessary and you can lead a veryhealthy, active life without sciatica. Sciatica is pain, numbness, tingling shootingdown the back of the leg. It's usually one leg, but can be in both legs. It can go tothe knee or past the knee it depends on which text book you read but it's an aggravationeither way. It's caused by the 3rd, 4th, and 5th lumbar nerves and the 1st, 2nd, and 3rdsacral nerves.

There can be a disc aggravation, misalignmentsubluxation,there can be an upper cervical subluxation and the pelvis is distorted as a compensationfor that. The nerves get pinched, so our job is to restore normal balance to the spineto open the space for the nerves and allow the nerves to fully express itself. That canbe done upper cervically or in the lower back. In our office we can do both very specifically. If you've been in a car accident, trauma tothe neck, or some kind of trauma to the spine, we are very gentle and very specific. This table that Deena is laying on is a flexiondistractiontable allowing us to open up the disc space

and open up the hole the nerve runs thru.This is done very gently and specifically and everybody loves it. There are many ways to help people with sciatica.The key is balance first. We can restore balance to the spine and allow the body to heal itselfand function better. When you function better and have balance, everybody heals. It's plainand simple. A very simple idea. If you have any questions about sciatica orany other health issue that relates to chiropractic, especially upper cervical chiropractic, I'm Robert Moore at Awesome Chiropractic. Look us up on the web. awesome.

Better yet, call our office today 810.225.7246.We would be glad to help you. Deena would be glad to help you. Have an awesome day!We look forward to talking to you soon!.

Oshawa senior sees improvement with Sciatica with Chiropractic care

I have been coming, I think its two yearsand I met one of the other s at Fairview Lodge over in Whitby and right about thenmy son was with me. They were having like a fair and he took me into the little tentand I talked to Rodrigues and he brought me here. And I have been your patient eversince. And so anyway, I couldn't hardly walk, then I had one of those big belts on witha steel stuff in it and the pain was so bad, I was just about crazy. and I was all bentover and anyway, after when I started coming her, then you fixed me all up. And I am tellingyou I know .if I would have been in a wheelchair or maybe in bed if I hadn't had got here thenwhen I did. And I am so grateful to you. Besides

that you always help me when I am sick witheverything, it helps too. And when I had the attack for my hip, I forgot what its callednow, that pinched, pinched Sciatica nerve, and any ways then I come in and you fixedit, it hurt, I yelled a couple of times, I think I scared some of the people out here.But I walked out of here and It wasn't hurting. And I had that years ago on the other sideand I went for months and it didn't seem like it got very much better. But see, all i justhad to come see you once and then I came again the next and you did again, the treatment.And it was all better. And I so grateful to you. Well I tell them if they think they needa Chiropractor and its with their bones, then

they should find one, a good one and go andsee them. And I would give them one of your cards. I took yours in my purse and I have already handed out a couple.

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