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Weve Got Your Back Introducing Tommie Coppers Back Collection

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KT Tape General Elbow

I'm Chris Harper, and with me is Melissa, and we are demonstrating today and applicationfor general elbow pain. General elbow pain may be just an aching aroundthe elbow, and some causes may include overuse, inflammation,or trauma. KT Tape helps treat this condition by increasingcirculation, reducing pressure over the area, and offering support and stability. For this application we are going to placethe elbow in about

ninety degrees in a flexed position. For our first strip of tape, were going totear the strip off, and I'm going to, down by the logo end ofthe tape, twist and tear the paper backing. And peeling that paper off, I'm going to apply this, being careful notto touch the adhesive on the tape, on to the forearm. We're going just to the outside part of thepointy part of the elbow there.

Taking that paper off we're applying abouta fifty percent stretch, so if this is one hundred percent, we're goingto back that off about half way. I'm just going to lay that down and make surethat it's sticking well. And, I'm peeling off the paper, applying nostretch on that last bit of tape. So on either end of this piece there is nostretch. The only stretch on this piece is in the middle. For my next strip, again, finding the logo end I'm going to twistand tear the paper backing,

leaving about a two inch anchor. This time we're going to go just to the insideof the elbow. We're going to apply this anchor with no stretch,so make sure that is stuck on there with no stretch. I'm going to apply about fifty percent stretchonce again, so go a hundred percent and just back offhalf way. We're just going to the inside of the pointypart of the elbow, and leaving that anchor with absolutely zerostretch.

I'm just going to give that a good rub, creating some friction and some heat causingsome adhesion so that the tape sticks very well. Now bring that arm back down. Some tips before applying are to make surethat the skin is clean, take any lotions off. Also, you may need toremove any hair that may cause adhesion problems. Some complementary treatments for elbow painmay include rest, ice, antiinflammatories such as ibuprofen,and some forearm stretching and strengthening.

Please seek care if you have extreme painor swelling, any discoloration, numbness, or tingling into the forearm or fingers. For more information please see our websiteat KTTape .

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