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Reset SI Joint Pelvis and Sciatic Nerve Belt and Ball

Welcome back to Foundation Physical Therapy'sYouTube Channel. We have quite a few patients that come in to us that have recurring sacroiliacproblems or your SI joint. SI joint is kind of down at belt level right where your spinemeets your hips and you'll feel a point off to the right or off to the left whereit's a little bit tender. So a lot of times people say it hurts kind of right here notnecessarily centralized but down and off to the right. So what you can do is a quick littlemuscle energy technique that sometimes helps is to do something we call belt and ball.Now we have a different set up in the but at home most people have a luggage strapor some sort of belt that they can cinch up

and a ball or a foam roller. What you'regoing to do is place this foam roller between your knees and take the luggage strap or thebelt and put it around your knees. So here's my belt and you want to cinch this up prettysnug. There shouldn't be a lot of motion. You should feel as you push out against thebelt, your legs don't move very much and as you squeeze to the inside they shouldn'tmove that much either you should just feel the muscles work. So I lay here and I bendthe knees a little bit then what I want to do is keep the feet together I'm going tosqueeze this roll and as I squeeze I feel my adductor muscles on the inside of my thighengaged. I'm going to hold that for a 10

second count. Then I'm going to reversethat and I'm going to push to the outside out against the belt for 10 seconds and whenI do this I feel my gluteus medius, my glutes all these external rotators of the hip kickin. and the reason this works is there's a lot of muscles in that area that will attachto the sacrum which is a part of the SI joint. So then again I would squeeze for a 10 secondcount and I would push out for a 10 second count until I've done it about 10 timesthen reassess my SI pain and see how that feels. So if you have any current SI problemsthat you're trying to fix then that's a quick little something that you can tryto basically give yourself some relief at


DRHOS 2in1 Decompression Back Belt Introduction

Now if you have back pain, if you have a discproblem like a herniated disc or protruded disc or if you have a nerve problem like sciaticnerve that's causing nit pain in your hips, in your legs, also numbness, problems withsensation and circulation in your legs then you should be using the pain therapy togetherwith the decompression belt. Alright you can read up more on our website. Now the decompressionbelt helps to support your back but more importantly and also the second function, it actuallyhelps to traction your back. It helps to stretch your back, the muscles deep inside so it getsits normal length and it takes the pressure off your disc to allow the disc to absorbmoisture so the disc can expand because it

creates this vacuum in your disk. And becauseof that your nerves will not be pinched and then you'll have less pain okay so this isvery important. So the pain therapy, i recommend you use it first for about 2030 minutes torelax the muscle, reduce the pain then right afterwards you put the decompression belton to help stretch your back to help to restore normal back muscle and disc function. Alrightnow this is very easy to use, you just basically, it comes with a hand pump, we're just goingto put together the air valves. So screw the air valves together and then I'm gonna turnaround here, here i'll show you what happens when I pump this up okay, the belt actuallyrises against my back. See, every time I pump

it gets higher and higher. And what it does,it actually lifts my upper body weight off my lower back, taking the pressure off, so,because it offers a very strong support, it acts like a barrel to you know, support thecore and improve my posture. You actually get lifted up a little bit and you stand taller.But more importantly, with time, 2030 minutes okay, the inside of your back start to dothis, it starts to expand vertically, all the pressure coming off your back and it justfeels so good if you have circulation problems in your legs or if you have chronic back problemsor your back always feels tense, this is something you should be using together with your paintherapy system. Try it and you're going to

see incredible results. Now this belt is veryeasy to use. You just have to pump it up and it will increase in height by about 3 inches.What is does, it helps to support your back while helping to stretch your tight musclesand to decompress the spinal disc. You can use this belt anywhere; while you're standingfor a long time its great, when you're walking, driving, especially those bumpy rides on amotorcycle or terrain. Now what I love about it, is that you can use it in the office whileyou're sitting in front of your computer, all day long. It just gives you great support,it helps you to stretch out your muscles, take the pressure off your disc so you getbetter circulation, from your back, all the

way down your leg. You can use it while doinghousehold work, doing dishes, laundry, while you're bending over okay, anytime you needsupport, anytime you need relief this belt can help you. Its very and its very powerfuland very effective okay. There's no drugs involved so its totally portable, you canuse it while doing household work. Imagine, anytime you need support for lifting, gardening,while you're excising you can use this belt. Those of you who have young children, boyyou're gonna love this belt because it will allow your back to be supported, feeling strongerso you can be active, enjoy life to the best okay. Life is short, you want to be activeand you want to be able to relax at the end

of the day. Okay you can do it while you'resitting down, while you're relaxing or especially those of you who are having trouble lyingdown. This belt is perfect, it relaxes your back, it allows you to sleep better, withoutthe aches and pains when you use it. You know I recommend it for all your activities, forsupport, any time you have pain or tension just pump it up, lie down, relax for 20 upto 30 minutes, it will slowly stretch everything out, take all the pressure off and you'regonna feel.

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