Sciatica Arm Symptoms

Left Arm Pain Symptoms Resolved DavisSpineInstitute

When you originally presented to the officeyou presented very very intense left shoulder pain, left arm pain, and neck pain. How didyou do here with the DRS Program and what was your experience here in our officeé Asyou recall I could barely lay down on the table when I first got here the pain was sointense. The pain is completely gone now. I had residual pain in the fingers, that'sgone now so I would say I'm 110% satisfied with the treatment and the people are absolutelygreat. Terrific. Well we're very very proud to have you here as a patient and congratulationson your results. Thank you.

Neck Pain and Symptoms in your Arms

Hi I'm Maya Pande and today I wanna talk to you about your neck. Have you ever had pins and needles down your armsé Or electric shock like painé Or maybe justnumbnessé Hey! Wait a minute! I thought she was going to talk to me about my necké Why is she talking to me about my armséWell, problems in your arms can actually stem from issues in your neck! When you have imbalances or misalignments in your bones, ligaments or muscles of the neck,it can put pressure on your nerves. Those nerves go down your arms into yourhands.

That pressure on the nerves can cause inflammation, which can result in the symptoms I justdescribed. Now the symptoms may not happen all the time, they might only happen when you're in certain positions like your arms over your head or when you're sitting at your keyboard.But regardless of what position you're in or when it happens, it can really affect thequality of your life. So what do you doéé Well, the best thing to do is to balance out or realign

the bones, ligaments and muscles of your neck. Gentle chiropractic care at Pande Family Chiropractic does thiswithout any twisting, turning or cracking of your spine so if you're worried about that, this is the place to come. We do a thorough examination and take Xrays to make sure we're doing the right thing for you. If you have any of the symptoms Imentioned in this tutorial, call us! We can help!

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