Sciatic Nerve Pain Relief Device

TENS Unit Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation Pain Relief Electrode DynaMD Medical Supply

The transcutaneous electrode nervestimulation unit or TENS unit delivers modulated impulses for relief of pain.What is unique about the TENS compared to other units is its noninvasiveapproach to pain relief. The electrodes are applied on thesurface of the skin, over the patient's targeted areas of pain. Impulses are thensent as the TENS unit modulates pulse width, frequency, and intensity. Theelectrodes stimulate sensory nerves that block pain signals and trigger endorphinproduction. The TENS unit can also be used for patients with diabetes toimprove circulation and healing without

breaking the skin. It has multiple usesin treating chronic and acute types of pain. This can be used by physicians.Chiropractors can use it. Physical therapists can use it. It is as easy as patients coming right to the 's office to get their pain reliefand walk right out. For more information visit DynaMD .

The All Night Chronic Pain Relieving Wrap

Chronic Pain affects sleep, which limits activity, which worsens pain. It's a viciouscycle. But now you can break the cycle. Experience relief. Stay active. Sleepbetter with Quell. Quell is wearable pain relief technology you control. Its 100%drugfree. Quell's OptiTherapy automatically adjusts to deliver optimalpain relief day and night, and it's recommended. Here's how it works: Quell stimulates thesensory nerves in your upper calf. Those nerves carry neural pulses to your brain. These pulses trigger a natural painrelief response in your central nervous

system that blocks pain signalsthroughout your body. Quell is designed to live with youbringing all day and all night relief and it's easy to use. Snap the electrode in place, strap theband to your upper calf, and simply push the button to start relief. That's it. Quell tracks your therapy and sleepquality with an easy to use smartphone app. So regain what pain has taken.Reclaim your life with Quell.

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