Sciatic Nerve Pain After Knee Replacement Surgery

Who are candidates for a knee replacement

Hello. I'm Bill Bryan, orthopedic surgeon.We're often asked, quot;Who are candidates for partial knee replacementé Full knee replacementéquot;Or even the less common, Patellofemoral kneecap replacementé This all depends on which partof the knee is worn out. If the inside part is worn out, the medial side of the knee isworn out, and more than likely you'll notice you'll be bow legged. If the xrays and sometimesaided by MRI information, it will be possible and desirable to perform a partial knee replacement.The advantages of a partial knee replacement are that it's less invasive and often thisis a same day surgery with the patients being discharged home that afternoon.

There is less tissue dissection, the discomfortis less and the recovery is more rapid when compared with a total knee replacement. Forpartial knee replacements to work, the remainder of the knee has to be intact. That is thespace between the kneecap and the femur, the patellofemoral joint, and the lateral compartment,the outside compartment. Many patients, however, come to us in the advanced stage of arthritiswhere all three compartments are worn out. You may say, quot;What do you mean about compartmentsbecause the knee is one spaceéquot; But it truly is, but as physicians and surgeons, we breakit down in our minds to look at the space between the kneecap and the femur, the insidecompartment, the medial compartment, and the

outside compartment, the socalled lateralcompartment. And if the xrays and or the MRI scan showthat two out of three of these compartments are badly damaged, a total knee replacementis the best option. A total knee replacement has great advantages and some disadvantages.Because it provides a smooth bearing surface between the metal and the plastic, the nerveendings are not stimulated and pain relief in walking is pretty much relieved. This isthe primary goal of total knee replacement. To return you to your basic activities ofdaily living, walking and doing the things that you enjoy the most.

Total knee replacements have not yet beenperfected to where they will allow vigorous activity. For example, we feel that such activitiesas Lacrosse or football, or basketball are really not desirable with total knee replacements.The reason are several fold. A very active patient will be putting stress on the softtissues around the knee, and we found that patients with total knee replacements whoattempt to return to some of those youthful sports have a great deal in discomfort. Secondly,the materials do have potential for wear. Now don't get me wrong, the materials theyprovide us are very sturdy but, with normal use, should last decades.

However, if you attempt to run or play basketballor football, the wear of the plastic component in the total knee replacement is at risk.For many patients, the primary problem with their knee is advanced wear of the patellofemoralarea. This is the area behind the kneecap and either the cartilage on the back of thekneecap or the area of the femur where it rides, the socalled trochlea, shows significantwear. Those patients have a great deal of pain in simple things like getting up outof the chair or climbing stairs. And yet, the rest of their knee joint is intact bothon al exams, xrays or MRI scan. Scientists have provided us with a joint replacementto address just the patellofemoral problem.

This surgery is often done in day surgerywith discharge that afternoon or the next morning. It is less painful than a full kneereplacement. And if the remainder of the joint is intact, it may be your option.

Treat Knee Surgery and Back Injuries w a Hot Tub

The word quot;spaquot; originates from the Roman era:quot;Sanus Per Aquam,quot; which means quot;health through water.quot; In 1995, ThermoSpas coined the phrase,quot;We turn water into therapy.quot; In 2001, ThermoSpas partnered with the Arthritis Foundation, anddesigned the Healing Spa, the only spa to receive the prestigious EaseofUse Commendationfrom the United States Arthritis Foundation. quot;Arthritis Foundation volunteers worked withthe designers and engineers from ThermoSpas in order to help them to understand the uniqueneeds of people with arthritis and the barriers they might have in using a hot tub.quot; The Healing Spa was not the only ThermoSpas' product to

receive the EaseofUse Commendation fromthe Arthritis Foundation. We invented a system that makes it easy to remove and care foryour filter, a cover that's truly easy to use, a lifting mechanism that requires littleto no effort to remove and replace your cover, and even an entry system that made it safe to enter and exit your hot tub. Our patented Throttle Valve requires no finger dexterity. It allows you to control the muchneeded water pressure from as little as eight to as much as 22 pounds per square inch. Best of all, these unique ThermoSpas features are available in nearly every ThermoSpas hot tub model. It's no wonder we receive more accolades from our customers than any competitive brand.

quot;I stretch every day. It's part of my routine every day, and I go in the ThermoSpa every day. I find that stretching alone does not relax my muscles as much as using the ThermoSpa in conjunction with stretching.quot; quot;I have an occasional bout of lower back pain and it's very nice to know that there's always this remedy waiting for me when I get home.quot; quot;The heat and the massage of the jets enhances my circulation, especially in the wintertime when the pain worsens. So I found that the ThermoSpa enhances my circulation and gives me less pain.quot; quot;And I know if I'm sore, the ThermoSpa will help me get rid of it.quot; The Association of Physical Therapists utilized a ThermoSpas hot tub to conduct a study on people undergoing knee replacement. The study proved patients using the ThermoSpas experienced less pain

and more range of motion than patients receiving traditional land treatment. The New England Journal of Medicine published a study that showed patients that soaked in a spa regularly reduced their blood sugar levels by 13 percent. The National Sleep Foundation stated that the warm water of a hot tub stimulates the body to release endorphins which reduces stress naturally and helps you fall asleep faster and get a good night's sleep. quot;I sleep a lot better after I've gotten out of my ThermoSpa than I have sitting on a couch while watching TV.quot; quot;If I'm stressed out and I can't relax, I get into my ThermoSpa for 20 minutes, 25 minutes sometimes, sometimes even 10 or 15 minutes, and it relaxes me so much I go right in the house and I drop right to sleep. It's like a sleeping pill.quot;

quot;If I have trouble sleeping at nighttime, I get up and I go out in the tub regardless of what time it is: 2, 3, 4 in the morning. If I'm restless, I go out and I jump in the hot water. It's fantastic.quot; Each year, we receive so many letters from satisfied customers that we printed a coffee table book titled, quot;ThermoSpas Family Album.quot; It tells our customers' remarkable storiesof how many of their ailments have been helped by a ThermoSpas hot tub.

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