Sciatic Nerve Histology


This slide is across section through a nerve. You're currently only seeinga portion of the entire nerve. The current magnificationis 100X total magnification. Now what we're looking for is going to be the features of a nerve. What's inside of it and what are the different layers of connective tissue. So what we can see in this view,

this is the most outer edge of the nerve. That means this connective tissue covering is going to be the epineurium. We can see one fascicle right here and a second fascicle right here. Now each fascicle has it's own individual covering of connective tissue. The individual covering ofa fascicle is called the

perineurium. Now, if we zoom in, we can see the inside of the fascicle. Right here, for instance,at the tip of the pointer, the mouse, you can see we have a purple cross sectionwhich is going to be the cross section through an axon. The white is themyelination around the axon.

And then you get this thin purple line. That thin purple line is aconnective tissue covering around the individual axon. That is called the endoneurium. So therefore we have the individual axon covered by the myelinationwhich is covered by a connective tissue coatingcoating called the endoneurium. All those are wrappedtogether into a fascicle

which then covered with connective tissue that's the perineurium. Then all the fasciclesare wrapped together and covered in one big outer coating called the epineurium. So, a cross section througha portion of a nerve.

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