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TENS Unit for Pain Management EMS for Muscle Rehab Ask Jo

Hey everybody, it's Jo. Today I'm gonnatalk about TENS units and EMS units. Hmm, lot of letters. What do those meané I, forone, am a big believer in these products. The TENS unit stands for Transcutaneous ElectricalNerve Stimulation. And an EMS stands for Electrical Muscle Stimulation. So they're a little different,and I think people get confused sometimes. The TENS is more for a pain reliever typeof thing. I recently had hip surgery, and I have to say the TENS was on me every singleday, twice a day, and it took away the need to use pain medication. So if you have reactionsto pain medication, this might be a good alternative to get some of that pain out of there, relaxyour muscles and be able to do the things

that you need to be able to do. The ElectricalMuscle Stimulation, the EMS, is used to help gain muscle back, so it actually contractsthe muscle. It's a different feeling, sometimes it's slightly uncomfortable, but it's a gooduncomfortable, I think, because it's making those muscles work. The TENS to me has thisvibration feel, which is really comfortable, I like it. Some people aren't a huge fan,but basically in simple terms, what it does is it follows that, that vibration followsthe same pathway as the pain pathway. So it kind of cancels it out. So then that painthat you're feeling doesn't go up to the brain, that vibration goes up to the brain. So Ialways call it a little bit of a massage feeling,

and when you get a good massage, massagesare always comfortable, it's a quot;oh yeah that feels goodquot; kind of feeling and that's whatI think it feels like. The folks a FlexTone were nice enough to send us two differentTENSEMS units. This bigger unit is usually more in the that you'll see. And ithas a couple of different outlets and it's really nice. And then they sent us a moremobile one. And when I opened it up, I was surprised at how small this thing is. It isso cool, it almost looks like an oldschool cellphone which I like. But you can slip itin your pocket and then go about and do your activities throughout the day with it on.And so if you have maybe some back pain, you

can put on your back, set it for 15 minutes,have it on, it turns off by itself and then you don't have to worry about it. So it'sreally nice, I thought it was really cool, I just couldn't get over how small this is,it's probably one of the smallest ones I've seen. So this is the Pro 16 and this is theRX8000. So what I'm gonna do is show you how both of them work and just what it doeswhile it's working. You have these pads that you can use, and they're actually slightlydifferent. These are the most common pads you're gonna see, they're pretty interchangeableamongst TENS and EMS units, they just have kind of a push in with a pin right here, andthen you put them in. And then this one is

a little slightly different for the smallerone, but it just kind of snaps on. But again, they work the same. So, when you're doinga TENS, most of the time you're gonna use 4 pads. And when you're doing an EMS, you'regonna use two pads. With the TENS, they way you want to do it is a cross pattern. So theytwo here, as you can see there's two channels, you want to cross them so then the currentsgo to where you're kind of hurting. So let's say it's on the knee. If I'm hurting kindof on that knee cap area, I'm gonna put one channel here, and one channel here. So I'mgonna go ahead and do that now. So you can see they're connected there. And what's niceabout them too, is you can actually pull them

a little bit, they're connected, but you canseparate them without messing them up. So I'm gonna put one over here, then the otherone over here. And then just like that. It's best not to have lotion on your skin whenyou put these electrodes on. They are reusable so you have, you know, one set for you. Andthen what's really nice is in the big pack here, it comes with a whole bunch of themin different sizes too. So once they wear out usually after about 3 4 weeks, thenyou just get a new set. But there's also some that you can put gel on it, and they're reusableand you put the gel on it and then wipe it off, clean it off, and then you can use thoseagain. So once you have it on. Make sure it's

Omron Electrotherapy TENS Max Power Relief PM3032

Introducing the Max Power Relief from Omronelectrotherapy. The Max Power Relief is Omron'spremium TENS unit. With two times the power of other unitsand more therapy modes providing you with maximum flexibilityto manage your pain. This TENS therapy unit is perfect formultiple adult family members who suffer from various deep muscle and joint pains. Electrotherapy works byblocking pain signals

from reaching the brain. It increasesnatural pain relieving chemicals in the body and improves blood circulation to thearea of the pain allowing you to get back to yourdaily routines and living your life. The Max Power Relief is Omron's most powerful andcustomizable unit yet. Choose from one of the six preset pain modes which now include shoulder or threemassage like modes

and one of the 15 power levels to helpmanage your pain in as little as 15 minutes. Before you get started it is important torate your current pain level. Write down your pain on a scale from 1 being low to 10 being high. Now it is time to use the unit. First insert the batteries into the unit.Make sure the unit is off. Next put the belt clip on and attach thecord to the bottom of the unit

and to the pads. Remove the plastic backing to the pads and place both pads at least 1 inch aparton either side of the pain. Make sure your skin is cleanand dry. Remember you must use 2 pads for it towork. In this case we are targeting the shoulder. Next push the quot;onquot; button. Use the largescreen and quot;Modequot; button to help you select the mode. Monitor your minutes left and manage the intensity. You cannotcombine the modes

but feel free to use any the modes onany pain. Once you find the right mode you can easily adjust the intensity level bypushing up the button for more or down for less power. There are 15power levels of intensity. Put the unit on your belt and go aboutyour activities. The unit will turn off within 15 minutesof turning it on. when the session has stopped rate yourpain again. If the pain hasn't reduced to yoursatisfaction

you can repeat use but only for amaximum up 30 minutes per session and a totalthree sessions per day. With the Max Power Relief by OmronElectrotherapy, More Power Means Less Pain.

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